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The artwork is beautiful and I love how diverse the families are in the book. This book shows the impact that parents and children have on each other. It shows the relational balance between parent and child. It is so simple and relatable. Lovely to read.

Beautiful rhymes and illustration. Both kids loved it. Always give it as a present. Beautiful illustrations and great message of providing support while allowing kids to have independence and adventure. The main character is a girl who saves her baby sister.

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I also love this book because it teaches children to have a good imagination with their ordinary world around them. I love giving this book to future parents of girls. It is about the life cycle, about your first memories with your baby, watching them grow, the conflicting feelings you have in life.

It says so much with so few words. And it subtly breaks gender biases, too.

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All of my babies have loved this book. We all have it memorized and when we are in the car and the youngest one gets fussy we all start reciting the book, with the same pace and inflection I did when they were all babies. I always give it as a gift for a baby shower or first birthday. Early lessons in empowerment. Most of them I have myself so my son loved pointing out mine that matched the part in the story. Absolutely love it. The art is gorgeous and it tells the story of a little girl going to bed so gently.


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Please brush your teeth. You can stay up as late as you like. My grandmother gave it to me for my first child and I give it at every baby shower I go to. This meant so much to our children being able to hear his voice. Good book for opening conversations about patience, anxiety, and nighttime fears! Ten years later, I can still recite it from memory. Also check out a recent rap version by Ludacris on YouTube.

I know far too many couples who have struggled to get pregnant or who have lost babies. This is a beautiful book that outlines that struggle and the wish of the parents to have their family grow. As a new mom wanting to read a book to her newborn it was perfect.

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The length was great for a newborn and infant, and it is dead-on without being over the top sappy about how it is to welcome a baby into your world. And how do we know that the Earth is a smaller ball whirling round one of those stars, the Sun?

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Sometimes evidence means actually seeing or hearing, feeling, smelling…. Astronauts have traveled far enough from the Earth to see with their own eyes that it is round. Sometimes our eyes need help. Something that you learn by direct seeing or hearing or feeling… is called an observation. But detectives can gather together lots of other observations which may all point towards a particular suspect.

Sometimes a detective can think about a whole lot of observations and suddenly realize that they all fall into place and make sense if so-and-so did the murder. He then offers an oblique addition to the finest definitions of science :.

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Scientists — the specialists in discovering what is true about the world and the universe — often work like detectives. They make a guess called a hypothesis about what might be true. They then say to themselves: if that were really true, we ought to see so-and-so. This is called a prediction. For example, if the world is really round, we can predict that a traveler, going on and on in the same direction, should eventually find himself back where he started.

His first look gives him a hypothesis that you may have measles. Then he says to himself: if she really has measles, I ought to see… Then he runs through his list of predictions and tests them with his eyes have you got spots? But this is a bad argument. There can be plenty of evidence that somebody loves you.

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All through the day when you are with somebody who loves you, you see and hear lots of little tidbits of evidence, and they all add up. There are outside things to back up the inside feeling: looks in the eye, tender notes in the voice, little favors and kindnesses; this is all real evidence. He relates this to the importance of intuition in scientific discovery, something a number of famous scientists have attested to , but only as a starting point:. Inside feelings are valuable in science too, but only for giving you ideas that you later test by looking for evidence.

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A Book of Love for My Daughter A Book of Love for My Daughter
A Book of Love for My Daughter A Book of Love for My Daughter
A Book of Love for My Daughter A Book of Love for My Daughter
A Book of Love for My Daughter A Book of Love for My Daughter
A Book of Love for My Daughter A Book of Love for My Daughter
A Book of Love for My Daughter A Book of Love for My Daughter
A Book of Love for My Daughter A Book of Love for My Daughter

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