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Charles Dickens’ Timeless Classic: A Christmas Carol

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Scrooge (1935) [Drama] [Fantasy] [Christmas]

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Neil Bartlett. Scrooge for most of his life has been a penny-pinching and foul man who despised Christmas more than anything. Then we divulge into the present where he sees how one of his workers, Bob Cratchit Ron Rains and his poor family celebrate Christmas in their tiny home. By the time Scrooge reaches the future, he starts to come around.

Realizing his wrongdoings and wanting to change for the better. Also, Scrooge is dead and is missed by no one and clearly no one shows interest or remorse for his death. Scrooge, at this point, is begging for his second chance and to change. And he does, he wakes up on Christmas Day and is overjoyed and shows in a very comedic way, his turn-around.

He helps others, smiles, laughs, and comes around finally. I found this play to be amazing.

A Christmas Carol (Timeless Classics) A Christmas Carol (Timeless Classics)
A Christmas Carol (Timeless Classics) A Christmas Carol (Timeless Classics)
A Christmas Carol (Timeless Classics) A Christmas Carol (Timeless Classics)
A Christmas Carol (Timeless Classics) A Christmas Carol (Timeless Classics)
A Christmas Carol (Timeless Classics) A Christmas Carol (Timeless Classics)
A Christmas Carol (Timeless Classics) A Christmas Carol (Timeless Classics)

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