A Tale of Three Towers

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The public saw the technology as little more than a novelty, but the U. Navy knew better. Later that year the station began sending time signals to Navy ships to help them determine their longitude. In September , the towers sent a greeting to the Navy radio station on Mare Island, California, marking the first transcontinental broadcast of a human voice. Webb from Arlington to the Eiffel Tower.

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A symbol of immense local pride, the Three Sisters were featured on postcards. Radio Arlington broadcast the news when the U.

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By the s, Washington-Hoover Airport was the busiest airport in the country. With dozens of flights in and out daily, there were numerous close calls with the towers, even after the Navy painted them orange in an attempt to prevent collisions. In , upon the opening of the new Washington National Airport, the radio towers were dismantled.

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Today the Sisters are no more, but their legacy lives on in every sports and morning-zoo radio talk show—and in one noteworthy artistic homage in Penrose Square on Columbia Pike. Its granite monoliths are designed so that words spoken into one stone can be heard by listeners at the other. By the time I arrive at Galata Bridge, I give in to the delicious scent of fish and enjoy a fish sandwich, an Istanbul culinary tradition.

From here, Galata Tower, the bridge's namesake, looks more alive surrounded by pigeons and clouds.

Accompanied by a view of Istanbul, the Grand Bazaar, Galata Bridge, and an art gallery, I find myself climbing the high and winding steps of the Camondo Stairs, the most romantic stairs in the city, linking Bankalar and Banker Streets. I feel moved by the ever-present spirit of the Genoese neighborhood, which centuries ago used to be surrounded by ramparts.

The moment I see the Galata Tower rising above stone walls and narrow streets, time turns into an abstract concept.


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For centuries, people either observed the stars or the blue of the Bosphorus from this tower, and now, we watch the modern face of Istanbul under its cone-capped top. I take the elevator to the top of the tower, which dates back to the sixth century, to enjoy a magnificent vista of Istanbul. I take the elevator down to the exit. The restaurants around the tower are crowded with people. I cannot remain indifferent to their suggestion of a portion of dessert made fresh daily with the freshly brewed coffee. By the time I arrive in Salacak, I realize that in my quest to explore these three towers I have been on a spectacular tour around Istanbul.

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  • Standing before me is the Maiden Tower, which has always been mysterious to me. I hop on one of the small ferries to reach the tower.

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    • One stormy night, having no light to guide him, he drowned. Upon hearing of his death, Hero flung herself into the sea. More than just a romantic dinner location with nostalgic ambience, the tower is also a memorable wedding venue. There are several theories regarding its name.

      A Tale of Two Towers

      According to the Italians, the name comes from "calata" which means downward slope, as the neighborhood descends from a hill to the sea. Greeks, on the other hand, believe that the name comes from either "galaktos" meaning milk, as the area was used by shepherds in the early medieval period, or from "galat," which denotes the Celtic tribe of Galatians who were believed to have lived there during the Hellenistic period before settling in Galatia in Anatolia. The legend of the Galata Tower says that whomever you climb this historic tower with, you are destined to marry.

      So a tradition has developed today where many people who believe that they found their one true love queue up to climb Galata Tower together. Originally built as a watchtower, the medieval structure extends The city's tallest structure was a vantage point built to look out over the city of old Istanbul sprawling over the opposite side of the Golden Horn. An elevator goes only to the seventh floor and visitors must climb the two remaining stories. The restaurant at the top will satiate your appetite, while the degree panoramic view of Istanbul's beauty will captivate you with a view of the Bosporus, the Golden Horn, the Blue Mosque and many other monumental landmarks.

      If you come in the evening, you may dance the night away to Turkish music.

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      It is one of the most striking landmarks of the city that allows you to see a truly panoramic view of this magnificent city. It is on top of one of the seven hills, so when you climb to the top, you will see all the hills on which Constantine the Great built the city.

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      Today, it is only open to Istanbul University students, but there are plans to turn it into a museum and open it to the public. If you are lucky, it may be open during your Istanbul visit, and apart from the other landmark towers, you will also view the degree panorama of the city. In contrast to its original function of detecting fires in the city, more recently until , the tower was equipped with a lighting system to indicate weather conditions in different colors.

      A Tale of Three Towers A Tale of Three Towers
      A Tale of Three Towers A Tale of Three Towers
      A Tale of Three Towers A Tale of Three Towers
      A Tale of Three Towers A Tale of Three Towers
      A Tale of Three Towers A Tale of Three Towers
      A Tale of Three Towers A Tale of Three Towers
      A Tale of Three Towers A Tale of Three Towers

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