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Authors Contributors. Links News Ways to Help. Bookseller Locator Bookseller Trade. Sorry: Our ordering system is being updated. Page: 1 of William Stoddart is a perennialist author, editor, and translator who has been active in advancing the understanding of the writings of Frithjof Schuon, Titus Burckhardt, and others, for many years.

A compilation of his writings, Remembering in a World of Forgetting , was edited by M. Soares de Azevedo and A. Vasconcellos Queiroz. Stoddart also edited The Essential Titus Burckhardt , and is perhaps the greatest authority on the work of this great Swiss traditionalist. He wrote more than two dozen books on metaphysical, spiritual, artistic, and ethnic themes and was a regular contributor to journals on comparative religion in both Europe and America.

Besides his prose writings, Schuon was also a prolific poet see a listing of Schuon's poetry books and a gifted painter of images that always portrayed the beauty and power of the divine, and the nobility and virtue of primordial humanity. World Wisdom features a series titled "The Writings of Frithjof Schuon" , which includes many new editions of classic books by Schuon in new translations and with additional materials.

Our online Library contains many articles and poems written by Frithjof Schuon , allowing readers to see a representative sample of his remarkable body of work. Sign In. Don't have a World Wisdom ID? Sign Up. Browse All Titles. New Titles. This book presents the first comprehensive examination of the incorporation of the Flood myth into the Anglo-Saxon imagination.

Focusing on literary representations, it contributes to our understanding of how Christian Anglo-Saxons perceived their place in the cosmos. For them, history unfolded between the primeval Deluge and a future - perhaps imminent - flood of fire, which would destroy. The spellbinding verse of one of the most distinctive poetic voices of the twentieth centuryC. Cavafy is one of the most singular and poignant voices of twentieth-century European poetry, conjuring a magical interior world through lyrical evocations of remembered passions, imagined monologues and dramatic retellings of his native Alexandria's ancient past.

Figures from antiquity speak with telling interruptions from the author in such poems as 'Anna Comnena' and 'You did not understand',. A sparkling collection of poems about virtually every aspect of matrimony: courtships and weddings, adulteries and separations, domestic harmony, wedded bliss. Lawrence and Mona Van Duyn.

From the rapturous infatuation of the Song of Songs to Ovid's cynical advice on 'The Art of Deceiving a Husband,' no facet of the matrimonial state remains unexplored.. Poem a Day, Vol. The Original Poem a Day has sold more than fifty thousand copies and is still going strong. It is a perennial gift-giving favorite and a word-of-mouth sensation among those who want poetry to be a greater presence in their lives.

Like its predecessor, Poem a Day, Volume 2 offers a verse for each day of the year along with brief, often amusing, always interesting anecdotes about the poets and their poems. Laurie Sheck, a prize-winning poet in her own right, carries on the Poem a Day tradition by. Selected for the National Poetry Series by Lucie Brock-BroidoPoet Julianne Buchsbaum has won acclaim for her ''rich, lucid, alliterative lexicon, full of apt surprise'' Reginald Shepherd ; ''there is something of Wallace Stevens in her precision, her incredible diction,'' says Matthew Rohrer. Her new collection, The Apothecary's Heir, depicts a damaged world in which the speaker is trying to make sense of human relationships in the aftermath of loss.

A series of meditations on landscapes of. Martial, the father of the epigram, was one of the brilliant provincial poets who made their literary mark on first-century Rome. Repose is our deepest self, Because our heart is the shrine of God. May the soul be God-Remembrance: Prayer is our true being. Glubigkeit Ihr Sucher, tadelt nicht die Religionen; Gewiss, sie haben Grenzen hier und dort; Versteht: sie mssen ihren Glauben hten Und deutlich machen jedes Gotteswort.

Dem Kleinsten mssen sies verstndlich machen Und hnlich werden, wie die Menschen sind. Das Dogma bietet, was die Seele fordert; Das werden die Pedanten kaum verstehen. Esoterik Ihr sollt aus Gott nicht einen Menschen machen, Obschon auch Menschenart der Herr muss zeigen, Um uns zu leiten, ber uns zu wachen.

Doch ist dem Herrn kein Menschenwahn zu eigen; Auch nicht dem reinen Geist, der in uns wohnt. Trotzdem muss er sich vor dem Hchsten neigen. Vor Gottes Sein, das ber allem thront, Was auch sein hypostatisch Antlitz sei Denn wer sich neigt, den hat der Herr belohnt. Belief O seekers, do not blame religions; True, they have limitations here and there, But understand: they must protect belief And render clear each word of God.

They must explain things to the simplest man, And so they must become like men. Say not that myths are merely foolish tales; The common sinner is a grown-up child. Dogma offers what the soul requires, But this the pedants barely understand. A wealth of deep wisdom abides in faith; If thou art truly wise, thy heart will see. Esoterism You should not make a human being out of God, Despite the fact that God assumes mans nature In order to lead us and watch over us.

But no human folly is in God, Nor in the pure Spirit, which dwells in us. Still, the Spirit must bow before the Highest. God is ever new to us Infinity In a thousand veils yet faithful to Himself: The Sovereign Good gives everything its meaning. Wer kann es deuten? Denn Jesus und Maria konnten leiden, Trotzdem sie selig waren, nichts bereuten.

Jedoch das Herz Kann schon in dieser Welt das Heil gewinnen. Deo volente. Streb mit ganzer Lieb Zum Hchsten; du wirst sehen, was Er schrieb. Bodhi Es hat geheien Nirvna sei das Nichts. Nicht fr den Weisen; Der Ungelehrte sprichts. Who can explain? Jesus and Mary could suffer, Though they were holy and had nothing to repent. Only the inner man is saved, delivered; The outer man cannot escape the world-wheel Or torment of soul. Whereas the heart, Already in this world, can gain salvation. Strive with all thy love toward The Most High; thou wilt see what He has written.

Bodhi It has been said Nirvana is nothingness. Not for the wise, But for the ignorant. There is a void Which is mere nothingness; There is another Which alone is real. Glaube Die Welt, ein tausendfaches Maskenspiel Wer kann es fassen? Der Weise wird das, was nicht fassbar ist, Gott berlassen. Unfassliche Allmglichkeit zuerst Dann kommt, doch zeitlos, das gelobte Sein.

Faith The world, a thousandfold play of masks Who can fathom it? What is unfathomable, The wise man leaves to God. Take care that no enigma of this world Rob thee of thy peace God knows what the world is woven of Thine be the faith. For with the Divine Essence thou canst not converse; Only with God canst thou come face to face. First unfathomable All-Possibility Then, yet outside time, comes Being, highly praised.

Creative Being wears a thousand masks, And one of these masks is thine own self. O, may it be a mirror for God May the light from the Most High shine upon it eternally! Wenn ihr die Einfachheit nicht knnt ertragen, So sollt ihr niemals nach der Weisheit fragen. So ist die Seele Wo will der Tanz der vielen Wnsche hin?

Gedanken, Triebe, Die vor der eigenen Verspieltheit fliehn. Another image: if God is the sun, Then Beyond-Being is limitless space. If you cannot endure simplicity, Do not seek Wisdom. Gods Nature cannot be described; But it radiates in a thousand images. Such is the soul The dance of its desires, where will it lead? Thoughts and impulses Which flee from their own playfulness. But finally, O heart, Around the Highest all this play will turn; No longer here and there A gopi love-dance of the good and wise. Beides tut not; such was du brauchst im Leben; In allem kann der Geist zur Mitte streben.

Yab-Yum In Tibets art: the golden Divine Pair The two locked close in loves embrace; The god of love and wisdoms goddess: Each deeply permeates the other. Thus it should be: Truth and Way Are one the one must live in the other. Truth cannot be in thought alone; And Will cannot strive without Truth. The Center Let the Lord be thy sufficiency for the Center Dominates boundless space, and it contains What thy hearts love tirelessly seeks In one point lies the worth of the whole world.

Lifes thirst is idle to and fro Blessd the man, steadfast in contemplation, Who finds what desire can never give Repose in the Presence of the Most High. Both are necessary: seek what thou needest for life In everything the spirit can strive toward the Center. Samdhi Verzckung, Gottesrausch die Sinne schwinden, Man meint zu schweben. Bedenke: Gnad kann auch in Nchternheit Das Herz erheben. Im bloen Gottgedenken.

Fern sei, dass du Gefhl der Gnade suchest Dies wre Snde. Doch wolle Gott, dass die verbannte Seel Den Frieden finde. Here and Now Center and Now: these are the remedies That give delight to all wise hearts And whose images Nature shows to us. Here is the safety of the mountain cave: Its deep, warm, and motherly inwardness; There is the total freedom of the summit: With the pure air of snow-clad peaks.

Such is the soul, standing before God: Both root and crown Yet one sole prayer. Samadhi Ecstasy, God-drunkenness the senses swoon, One feels like one is soaring. But remember: also in sober states Grace can Lift up thy heart. In simple God-remembrance. Deep happiness Pervades the limbs; Primordial bliss, lost Paradise O return again! Far be it from thee to seek a sensation of grace This would be sin. But may God grant the banished soul Find peace. The deepest peace, that is bestowed by Truth Without thine own desire O may God-remembrance turn Thy being heavenward!

Vergiss nicht dieses: wer die Wahrheit kennt, Der sieht das Gut in dem, was Welt man nennt. Doch sei getrost: wenn du aufs Ganze schaust, Siehst du in ihr, was ist; sie lchelt wieder. Was ist der Mensch, was ist die Ttigkeit? Du solltest es in der Erscheinung lesen. Erscheinungswelt: erkenne, was du musst, Doch sei dir auch der Dinge Grund bewusst Und wisse, was der Geistesgabe Sinn: Zu fassen, was die Welt ist, was ich bin Und was das Sein, auf dem das Ganze fut. World-vision Is it not sad that Wisdoms thinking Allows the universe to melt into naught?

Do not forget that he who knows the highest Truth Can see the Good in what we call the world. It may be for some time the world has wept Its images, its songs, have all faded away. But be not troubled: if thou canst see the whole, Thou seest in the world what is; it smiles again. Deep Vision One speaks of people: what they want and do Meanwhile, one forgets mans nature. What then is man, what is activity? Thou shouldst perceive it in appearances. World of appearance: know what thou must, Also be conscious of the depth of things, And know the meaning of the Spirits gift: To grasp what the world is, and what I am What Being is, on which all things are based.

Space, time, objects, and events: These are the basic categories of experience; And then what gives meaning to everything Hearts knowledge and Heavens Revelation. Without the Spirit, the world would not exist How can ye think the world exists by chance? God and world: then God sent us the Word, So separation might return to unity. Denn was ist Gottesliebe, wenn nicht Wein, Himmelsgesang nicht kalter, stummer Stein.

Hast du gehrt, dass Glaube selig macht? So sprich getrost: ich glaube, weil ich glaube! Ewigkeit Harrt eines jeden, jenseits aller Zeit. Die Ewigkeit: ein Alles, oder Nichts. Becoming The juice of the grape, pressed and fermented, Yields noble wine and rapture. Thus does the soul Lose itself, when it ripens unto love, And when the meaning of life seizes the heart. For what is love of God if not wine, Heavenly song not cold, dumb stone. The heart is ice that melts before the sun Whose heart is melted, the Lord has greeted. Never remain under the sway of doubt, Lest the mind may rob thee of thy peace.

Hast thou not heard that faith brings salvation? So say with trust: I believe, because I believe! Goodness The world: a river of dreams Moving heavily, as if enchanted, toward the sea Of the uncertain future. Eternity Awaits each man, beyond all time. Eternity: it is an All, or nothing.

Worlds of high flight or heavy weight; Yet Gods Being lies behind each destiny. Der Mensch muss kennen, lieben und verehren Was aus des Allerhchsten Weisheit quillt. Und werden, was das tiefe Sinnbild zeigt. Damit dem Weltgetse wir entrinnen. Nature O signs of nature that teach us O Creative Will, stringing image upon image!

Man must know, love, and reverence What springs from the Highest Wisdom. And become what the deep symbol shows. Consider the eagle: lightning from Heaven; And the noble swan on the motionless pool Humility that bows before the Creator. And then the royal power of the lion: One wonders if he is child of the sun.

And then the stag with stately antlers: An image of the sacred and of priestliness. Then comes the goddess in the shape of woman: She is the image of Gods love. The message of her wondrous body Is like the wine that fills us with rapture. So that we escape the turmoil of the world. O images of nature that give us joy May our souls see what is noble, And may the outward lead us to the inward!

Night God has created the deep night for us With its silence and with its gentleness; There is the moons soft silver light And the round-dance of countless stars. O, sweet deepness of this holy space! Let all the daily storms be stilled In dreams of recollection and of love.

The Songs Not of our own power do we create, We wish to harken In deepest recollection, selfless and spellbound, To the seas mighty roar. Truth and Beauty: we grasp you Not by thought alone; May the light and love of Heaven Bestow on us your life. Just as the naked gopis, star upon star, Circle round Krishna, So may the golden wreath of our songs Praise the Most High. Thus flow, stream of my heart, under the Spirits guidance Effortlessly, So that the rose, as witness to the True, May blossom before God! Ich bin in einen Strom hineingestiegen Der namenlose Sang war immer da.

Ein Schauspiel, das vergeht, sich wiederholt Aufleuchtet aus dem Nichts, und dann verblht. Excelsior Wo wohnt der Herr? Hoch oben? Oder innen? Ihr solltet euch auf dies gar wohl besinnen: Gott ist zutiefst im treuen Menschenherz, Doch stets der Hchste schauet himmelwrts! I have but stepped into a river The nameless song was ever there.

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The lovesong is beyond all time Who can fathom the magic of poetry? O eternal song, O heavenly stream, Born of the fountainhead of bliss. O devotion, that forgets the souls existence, And now knows only Light and Love. A spectacle that vanishes, repeats itself Lights up from naught, and fades away. The fruits of existence teach us two things: God-resemblance and God-remoteness; Remoteness brings to nothing the fabric of existence Resemblance is timeless like the stars. Excelsior Where dwells the Lord? On high? Or inwardly? Reflect well upon this : God dwells most deeply in the faithful heart, Yet He is always the Most High therefore look heavenward!

Woher er kommt, wohin er geht, wei keiner; Ein zeitlos Rad, und nirgends bleibt es stehen. Und ist doch reglos; Kreislauf ist nur Schein. And may the reader ever feel Thy Grace Are we not children of this lowly earth? Thou art the rain of spring sent down by God So that the soul may become a beautiful flower.

Spirit Like a circle is the Spirits blowing Where is its origin? Who is awaiting it? No one knows whence it comes nor whither it goes; It is a timeless wheel; nowhere does it stand still. Yet it is motionless; its rotation is but appearance. There is no turning in the nature of Infinity; It rests in its own Being. Bejahung Was ist es, was die Seel nach Innen ruft? Ein goldner Gtterwagen steigt empor, Im Siegeszug; und dann soll Friede sein. Affirmation What is it that calls the soul inward? What is the miracle the heart encounters What bestows the heavenly gift of Peace?

What is it that blesses the mind from within?

[PDF] Adastra Stella Maris: Poems by Frithjof Schuon (Library of Perennial Philosophy)

It is a yes to God it is nameless, And has neither form nor limit, it is to rejoice In the most inward, in the kernel of Existence; It is The souls desire to be itself in God. The Day Rising of the sun, joy of all that is good, A golden message that the earth imbibes; And then the evening; weary is the day, Yet blissful where the sun sinks down.

Soon comes the truth that gives illumination, And beauty shines into our heart. A divine chariot of gold arises In triumphant progress; and then there shall be peace. The rainbow speaks to us of peace and joy Image of blessing, like the completed day. Quaternity In Paradise, it is said, four rivers flow, Of water, wine, honey, and milk; See how the One branches, rich in blessing, Then becomes one again an inner melody. Purity and rapture, goodness and remedy In Paradise, the soul lives from each.

So is it also with the path to the Sovereign Good: Each man strives toward God in his own way. Given to him by the Most High; Only what comes from God leads to eternal life. Stella Maris My soul was once weary and sad On a ship, in the Mediterranean. The Holy Virgin came to me, in waking dream, So that I might not be consumed by bitter grief, And that my joy and strength might not be paralyzed I felt as if the end of life were near. O Stella Maris, miracle upon the sea I wished the journey would forever last.

Thy heavenly fragrance remained with me and thy Grace Is like the morning star upon my path. Gesegnet sei das Spiel Die Zeichen, die das heilge Feuer schren. Transition Praised be the day that golden blooms; The chariot of the sun has risen. Praised be the night with its deep peace, It has gently silenced the turmoil of the day. Day is revelation, openness, As if life summoned us to work, And night is holy, it is mysterious depth A song of love and of eternity. The Play Strange how the harp has brought So much that deeply moves my heart The play of strings, the fascinating song, Have many times aroused my heart to speech.

The source of Truth is in the deepest Self; But still the keys to hidden doors Are everywhere. And blessd be the wondrous play The signs, awakening the holy fire. To keep the Commandments is already good, But not enough love God with thy whole being, With all thy strength, the Scripture says Blessd the one who by Loves ecstasy is touched. Was die Heimat ist, Das sagt er nicht. So ist es: man vergisst Des Herzens Tiefe bei dem frohen Feste.

So ist es mit der Sehnsucht, die uns zieht Nach goldner Ferne, Liebesmelodien. O mge sie uns nach dem Einen ziehen, Vor dem der Erdenmenschen Torheit flieht! Wohlan: der Mensch muss eine Heimat haben, Die muss in goldner Mitte sein. Hier kann er seiner Seele Sehnsucht laben Sein Herz ist nimmermehr allein. Sei ber jede eitle Furcht erhaben Der Herr wird stets dein Hirte sein. The Gift The splendor of the true, it is said, is in the beautiful, Which wants to manifest the depth of wisdom; Yet beauty also strives towards the true It lies in its nature to yearn for the light.

Truth pours out Gods nectar for us We owe it everything our very being. But where is home? It does not say. And thus, at the merry feast, Does one forget the depth of ones own heart. So also with the longing, drawing us Into a golden distance, to melodies of love. O may it draw us to the One, Before whom every human folly flees! Indeed man needs to have a home, And this must in the golden center be. Here he can quench the longing of his soul Never again will his heart be alone. Remain serene above all pointless fear The Lord shall be thy Shepherd forever.

Stille Siehst du die Vgel nach dem Sden ziehn? So ist Vergnglichkeit: dahin, dahin. Sei still, verfalle nicht dem Trug der Zeit, Die einen Traum an einen andern reiht. Lass ab vom Traumbild unerreichter Ferne. Erdenschwere Kann man die Seel nicht einfach fallen lassen Wie einen Stein, den man fr Gold gehalten? Es heit doch, man soll seine Seele hassen; Man kann im Himmel nicht den Trug behalten.

Du sollst nicht mit der Seele Schwche rechten Streit mit dem Bsen bleibt stets unentschieden. So lass das Bse fallen, es ist schwer; Und rede dann mit Gott in seinem Frieden. Stillness Do you see the birds migrating to the south? Such is transience: passed and gone. Be still, do not fall prey to the deceit of time Which strings dream upon dream. Our longing strives for distant elsewheres; The wise heart abides in the golden Here. Renounce the dream-picture of unreached lands.

Earthly Heaviness Can one not simply drop the soul Like a stone one had fancied to be gold? It has been said that we should hate our soul; In Heaven no illusion can remain. With the weakness of your soul you should not argue Struggle with the Evil One is ever undecided. So drop all evil; it is heavy: Then talk to God within His Peace. Jenseits Maria sprach zu einer frommen Seele: Das Glck kann ich dir nicht fr diese Welt Versprechen fr die nchste nur. Dies Wort Birgt eine Lehre: nur das Jenseits zhlt. Selbstliebe Und liebe deinen Nchsten wie dich selbst : Dies heiet doch, man soll sich selber lieben; Wr nichts in unsrer Seele liebenswert, So wre ihre Schpfung unterblieben.

Die Schpfung, Gottes edles Ebenbild. Hereafter Mary said to a pious soul: I cannot promise thee happiness in this world Only in the next. These words Contain a teaching: only the Hereafter counts. This means: the world must be what it is; For life on earth we must pay a tribute To the Lord of the Universe, who weighs all things.

Self-love And love thy neighbor as thyself: This means that one should love oneself; If nothing in the soul were worthy of love, The souls creation would not have occurred. Creation is Gods noble likeness. To love oneself means to be faithful to it; In the True and Beautiful mans salvation lies. Weisung Siehst du jemanden, der an Krankheit leidet Oder durch ein Gebrechen ist behindert Bete fr ihn. Du magst des ftern sehn Ein Unglck, welches keine Trstung lindert. Sprich: Gott mag ihm verzeihn Und helfen. Wisse, dass der Herr dich hrt; Wohlwollen soll der Seele Aura sein.

Was ist das eine und was ist das andre Was ist des sen Zwielichts letzter Sinn? Dass ich durch irdische Verbannung wandre Und dennoch schon im Paradiese bin. Advice If thou seest someone who suffers an illness Or is handicapped by some infirmity Pray for him. Thou mayst often see A misfortune that no solace allays. A short prayer is always a gentle ray From heart to heart.

Say: may God forgive him And help him. Know that the Lord hears thee; Benevolence should be the aura of the soul. Gentle intention does not look for gain; Be good, for love lies within thy soul. Twilight One time I heard a noble play of lute, Full of loves depth and passion, I might say A song of nostalgia that fell from Heaven Who can endure tears in the midst of bliss? What is the one, and what is the other What is the final meaning of the sweet twilight?

That I am traveling through this exile on earth Yet I am already in Paradise. Am Rand der Nacht. Kein Schlummer kommt zu mir; Nur jenes Lied von Liebe und von dir. Und gebe Gott, dass alles Ihn verknde Dass alles in die Gottesliebe mnde. Ein tiefes Wort, das jede Lieb erklret. Gesegnet, wer sich in der Liebe fand! Gott hat uns diesen edlen Trost gewhret Denn unsre Herzen sind in seiner Hand. Wer liebt, muss Ritter sein: sich selbst besiegen Und singen in des Kampfes grausen Wunden.

Melody of Love A song resounds deep within my soul, As if to tell me of sorrow and of love While in the red of evening the sun sinks down; The last golden drink of a weary day. At brink of night. No slumber comes to me, Only that song of love and of thee. God grant that everything proclaim Him That everything flow into the love of God. The Face Belovd face that destiny has brought To my lifes path, and deep into my heart; From the beginning, this God conceived for me It was in Him: eternal it must be.

Mysterious word, explaining what is love; Blessd the one who, in love, finds himself! God has given us this noble consolation For our hearts are ever in His Hand. Minnesang Deepest love and highest striving: Both did the noble Minnesang unite. Chivalrous must be the man who loves: conquering himself And singing in the battles cruel wounds. Great love is not an easy play, Nor is it dreaming in Loves sweet confines It is faith, and the stern duty of a hero: Woman is not merely the goal; she is the Way.

Gar manches Schne liee sich noch sagen Genug, dass wirs in unsren Herzen tragen. The Poles of Love Mans nature is one thing, womans is another; Mans soul loves Infinitude The inexhaustibly mysterious That woman embodies; beatitude. Womans soul strives toward the Absolute To what bears witness to the One; Wisdom and strength, magnanimity, And nobility that bows before woman. More words of beauty could be said Let it suffice we keep them in our hearts. Lalla When Lalla Yogishvari found tm Within herself, the outer world became Her sole garment, a web of dreams; Thus she went naked beneath the vault of Heaven.

And as she entered from the outward to the Inward, So did the Inward enter her bodys fullness; And thus she went naked and dancing through the land In Lakshmis ecstasy and in tms stillness. Der Krper dreht sich wie ein trunken Rad. Amor Amor e l cuor gentil sono una cosa: Wo Liebe ist, da muss auch Adel sein. Wer je der Liebe Tiefe hat erlebt, In ihr erlschend der hat Gott gefunden. The body turns as if it were a drunken wheel.

Ye bow down, piously, in prayer Maulanas disciples in a circle swirl.

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Prayer is thought and feeling; Only the dervish prays with his whole being. Amor Amor e l cuor gentil sono una cosa: Where there is love, nobility must also be. The noble mind will find love; Where there is truth, there too is wine. As sounding brass is he who knows not love; In love is all self-seeking overcome. Whoever has experienced loves depth And is extinguished therein has truly found God. Wenn alles schweigt und lauscht ein Liebeslied Von Krishnas Flte.

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Der Weise ist mit seinem ganzen Sein In Gott versunken. Evening Hast thou heard the nightingales song At sunset, with the skies aflame? When all is silent and is listening A song of love from Krishnas flute. Deep in the wood, the flutes sound Seemed to ask: When will Radha her Krishna see? Soon, yea, soon! A Song There is no greatness that begets not beauty In its striving; There is no beauty without greatness; Such is love. Perhaps love wounds thy heart In silent pain; But beauty dwells in thy hearts depth In profound joy. Be happy, heart, with noble wisdoms wine; For Light inebriates.

The wise man with his whole being Is drowned in God. Let, O my soul, this world fade away In Gods infinity; The heart will melt in ultimate love For all eternity. Warum muss in der Se Trauer sein? Sie ist in unsre Welt hineingewoben; Dies ist des Menschenherzens Melodei. O se Weise, die ein Engel geigt Du offenbarest, was das Wort verschweigt. Depth of the Soul O nightingale, in sweetest summer night O love song, that inflames the soul!

Who knows, who knows what longing, longing speaks Who ever fathomed the depths of love? O love-pain, that finds no cure; O solace, that the beauty of the earth bestows! O world-wheel, that turns the destiny of hearts, O love-dream, that flows into Eternity! Why in sweetness must there be sorrow? It is woven deep into our world; This is the melody of the human heart.

Music Poetry, dance and song, and play of lute Language of art, and language of nature. Say not, these are the joys of worldly men alone They all bespeak profundity and highest goal. All selfishness is far from beauty and from love, As is the cold cerebration of pride.

The wise, drinking from beautys cup, Walk on high trails, star after star. O love, thou reconciler of all opposites: Thought and experience; sound of strings And song, that of our holy longing sings O beauty that has crowned the zeal for Truth! O sweetest melody an angel plays Thou revealest what mere words conceal. Heimwrts Ein Sehnsuchtslied, das in mir weiter schwingt Ich wei nicht wessen; Ich wei nur, dass es mir das Herz bezwingt Kanns nicht vergessen. Im Hchsten Willen. Der Geist, so heit es, drang in ihren Leib; Sie wurden Eins. Vacare Deo: sie ist licht und rein, Und dann erfllt mit Gottes Gegenwart.

In ihr ist die Vollkommenheit des Schnees Mit sonnengleicher Seligkeit gepaart. Und nicht nur ihre Worte, die ihr kennt Auch ihrer Schnheit strahlend Sakrament. Homeward A song of longing vibrates still in me I do not know from whom; I only know it overcomes my heart It cannot be forgotten. May that song fill the homeless soul With Grace In which direction is the homeward path?

In the Will of the Most High. Maria The Virgins majesty, the Scriptures pass over in silence; They seek only to praise the greatness of her Son. The Spirit, it is said, entered her body; They became One. And it is wonderful: Mary is the Mother of the whole Universe The divine Ray, which was in the beginning. Vacare Deo: she is luminous and pure, And then filled with Gods Presence. In her, the perfection of snow Unites with sunlike bliss. The Name of God, which fills our hearts with joy: This is the wine she wanted to bestow;. And not her words alone, which you know But also her beautys radiant sacrament.

Kana Sie haben keinen Wein. Sie sah der Dinge Tiefe, wunderbar. Hier ist der Friede, den die Schnheit birgt Unendlichkeit du kannst sie nicht ermessen. Zuerst bist du es, der nach Innen schaut Dann ist es Gott, der dir die Brcke baut. Cana They have no wine. How could The Holy Virgin say this, when she Was not inclined to marriage or to wine? She saw the depth of things, miraculously.

The essence of things, the divine In-Itself Not human belittlement of pleasures; You should live the beautiful inwardly Vain superficiality you should avoid. Contemplatio When mind and soul experience the beautiful, How can a man know inwardness? Whatever, in the world of forms, enchants thee, Should, in the hearts depth, raise thee Above. God-consciousness, beyond all forms In the Supreme Name the image is forgotten. Here is the peace that beauty holds Infinity thou canst not measure it. First it is thou who lookest inward Then it is God who builds a bridge for thee. Das Wahre schimmert durch den Erdenschein Und segnet unser Herz; so lasst uns singen!

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Sie ist nicht Grenze, nicht geschlossne Tr; Denn alle Schpfung liegt und lebt in ihr. Und was dem Toren blo als Lust erscheint. Harmony Water, solitude, and austere silence; Then their opposite, earths noble plenitude: Wine, woman, song. First renunciation, stillness, Then the enraptured round of loves delight. Wine, woman, song: what was once worldly Wishes to be inward, and resound within our spirit.

The True shimmers through earthly appearance And blesses our heart; so let us sing! O depth of soul, in thy kingdom is united What must be separated in the outer world: The purity of water and the ecstasy of wine. Woman Why does Rumi say she whom we love Is uncreated: the created woman?

Adastra & Stella Maris: Poems by Frithjof Schuon (Library of Perennial Philosophy) Adastra & Stella Maris: Poems by Frithjof Schuon (Library of Perennial Philosophy)
Adastra & Stella Maris: Poems by Frithjof Schuon (Library of Perennial Philosophy) Adastra & Stella Maris: Poems by Frithjof Schuon (Library of Perennial Philosophy)
Adastra & Stella Maris: Poems by Frithjof Schuon (Library of Perennial Philosophy) Adastra & Stella Maris: Poems by Frithjof Schuon (Library of Perennial Philosophy)
Adastra & Stella Maris: Poems by Frithjof Schuon (Library of Perennial Philosophy) Adastra & Stella Maris: Poems by Frithjof Schuon (Library of Perennial Philosophy)
Adastra & Stella Maris: Poems by Frithjof Schuon (Library of Perennial Philosophy) Adastra & Stella Maris: Poems by Frithjof Schuon (Library of Perennial Philosophy)
Adastra & Stella Maris: Poems by Frithjof Schuon (Library of Perennial Philosophy) Adastra & Stella Maris: Poems by Frithjof Schuon (Library of Perennial Philosophy)
Adastra & Stella Maris: Poems by Frithjof Schuon (Library of Perennial Philosophy) Adastra & Stella Maris: Poems by Frithjof Schuon (Library of Perennial Philosophy)
Adastra & Stella Maris: Poems by Frithjof Schuon (Library of Perennial Philosophy) Adastra & Stella Maris: Poems by Frithjof Schuon (Library of Perennial Philosophy)

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