Becoming a Family Physician

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Earning an Associate Degree

The National Board of Examinations conducts family medicine residency programmes at the teaching hospitals that it accredits. On successful completion of a three-year residency, candidates are awarded Diplomate of National Board Family Medicine.

Jasmine Lee, MD, MS - Family Medicine

During their three-year residency, candidates receive integrated inpatient and outpatient learning. They also receive field training at community health centres and clinics. The Medical Council of India permits accredited medical colleges medical schools to conduct a similar residency programme in family medicine. On successful completion of three-year residency, candidates are awarded Doctor of Medicine Family Medicine.

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Even though there is an acute shortage of qualified family physicians in India, further progress has been slow. Currently there are about two hundred family medicine residency training sites accredited by the National Board of Examination India, providing around training posts annually. However, there are various issues like academic acceptance, accreditation, curriculum development, uniform training standards, faculty development, research in primary care, etc. Family medicine was first recognized as specialty in and currently has approximately certified family doctors.

Japan has a free access healthcare system meaning patients can bypass primary care services. In the mean consultation length in a family medicine clinic was From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Becoming a Family Physician

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Ready to join their ranks?

Retrieved 25 July February There are several internet resources available to aid your research. Here are just a few to consider:.

A counsellor can provide you with more information on this particular career path and help you determine which AU program supports your goals. You can use the online appointment form to schedule a telephone appointment with a counsellor or call Once you complete these steps, you are ready to become an AU Student.


Physician (General Practitioner or Family Doctor)

Once you have applied and selected an AU program of study, Academic Advisors help you select courses and develop a program plan. For courses or programs at another institution, you must contact that institution direct for assistance. Academic Advising Services are available by email, using their online form , by phone, 1 , or in person at one of our AU locations.

For more information see Advising Services. Alberta Learning Information Services Alberta Occupational Profiles. Association of American Medical Colleges University of Toronto: Preparing for Medical School.

Family Medicine

Find answers about fees, admissions, courses, programs, transcripts, exams , and more. Skip To Content. Open, Flexible, and Everywhere. How long does an AU course take? Am I ready for studies in In addition, doctors can enrol in full-time training as part of the Family Medicine Residency Programme, which allows them to rotate through different hospital departments and polyclinics.

In summary, you can be assured that any FP you see has gone through rigorous vocational training! Although primary care doctors are usually generalists, there are some doctors who may have special interest in certain fields, such as dermatology, geriatrics, occupational medicine and palliative medicine, to name a few.

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But all primary care doctors are well trained in treating common chronic diseases like diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol and asthma. You can also consult either a GP or FP about acute illnesses involving different organ systems, such as the common cold, painful joints, eczema, etc. Not only are they capable of managing a wide variety of ailments across all age groups, they focus on treating each patient holistically.

Pre-Med Undergraduate Study

When it comes to managing illness, FPs recognise that what happens at home and work can affect your health. Regularly visiting the same FP will also help to ensure continuity of care and a long-term doctor-patient relationship. Your FP keeps track of your health history, which helps them to formulate treatment plans and support you through the journey towards recovery. Over time, they will get to know more about your family history and any recurring health issues.

This can result in more comprehensive care for everyone in the family.

Becoming a Family Physician Becoming a Family Physician
Becoming a Family Physician Becoming a Family Physician
Becoming a Family Physician Becoming a Family Physician
Becoming a Family Physician Becoming a Family Physician
Becoming a Family Physician Becoming a Family Physician
Becoming a Family Physician Becoming a Family Physician
Becoming a Family Physician Becoming a Family Physician
Becoming a Family Physician Becoming a Family Physician

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