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Two pleasant and pastoral movements by Christopher Le Fleming, that may be played with Violin, Flute or Oboe as the soloist, with a full Piano accompaniment.

Songs by Luar Na Lubre

A bass-clef version is available with the Cello as t Version for Flute and Piano. This edition was prepared by Georges Barrere who premiered this little known, but gem of a work, to great acclaim in New York in It combines tonal and atonal elements in a lyrical style, produ Un Joueur de flute berce les ruines A flute player lullabies the ruins , is dated There is little information known about this piece since discovery of the manuscript.

The work is modal and melancholic i Music speaks for itself, of course, but to give it an extra-musical interpretation, PWYLL might perhaps suggest the image of a priest c This publication was written in three movements in tw Images for solo Flute, Op. Technically challenging, it includes flutter tonguing, extreme range, and multi-phonics. Really enjoyable and of It is a challenging piece, but one that reve Edited by James Galway. Piano reduction by Phillip Moll.

Great Performer's Edition. Having studied under Jean Pierre Rampal and Tony Aubin at the Conservatoire National de Paris, flautist Guy-Claude Luypaerts now divides his time between his work as a soloist, teacher and orchestral conductor, Simon Holt is one of Britain's leading composers, standing out among hi peers with his bold and imaginative compositions. This piece, for Flute or Alto Flute, is inspired by a sculpture of the same name by Cons This is very ethereal and as the vocals expand into gentle and beseeching operatic flow it quickly transports you to another place, one that is magical and not dwelling in the abject terror of the Anima Morte domain.

The music is nicely textured and on the whole a fairly mellow affair that has you floating off with it.

RNCM Live Summer Brochure by RNCM - Issuu

I enjoyed this a lot although the slightly fragmented nature and the re-visitation towards the Italian soundtrack themes made me wonder if this was quite so self assured as to which direction it was looking for, having not heard the bands two previous recordings either made it slightly difficult to contrast. I was going to review this and Anima Morte together and am glad with hindsight that I did not as they are different in many ways. Although I certainly preferred the Anima Morte this is bound to be getting repeated listens too. From Mick Mercer. Fredrik Klingwall, in charge of all things musical, and Linda-Li on blissful vocals, make for a supremely diaphanous duo, and they have plenty of friends adding extra instruments in to make the lilting sounds more textured and debonair.

Be quick if you fancy a copy, as the CD is limited to just copies. Soothing, with character. Its otherworldliness takes you away. From My Beloved Darkness Muy recomendable para quienes gusten de Dead Can Dance, Arcana. From Music Waves. From Darkroom Magazine. A due anni dall'eccellente "Found In The Cold" gli svedesi Rising Shadows tornano con la terza prova sulla lunga distanza, ancora una volta patrocinata dall'argentina Twilight Records.

Ma soprattutto, in un'opera senza alcuna caduta di tono, ci sono perle del calibro dell'atmosferica "Fearless", costruita su arrangiamenti che sono sottili magie, o la raffinatissima "Wheel Of Fire The City Of The Horizon ", col sitar particolarmente magnetico e l'avvolgente intreccio fra voce e tappeto percussivo, o ancora la conclusiva title-track, marziale e fortemente oscura, con le vocals sopranili di Linda-li che esaltano una tensione palpabile.

Disponibile nella versione digipak in sole copie ed in download gratuito per un periodo limitato. From Dagheisha.

Miembros del grupo

Nel disco in questione non troviamo l'ex bassista dei Katatonia Guillaume Le Huche ma questo non ha impedito a Fredrik Klingwall, impegnato anche con Machinery e Anima Morte, di regalarci dieci sublimi frammenti di musica neoclassica attraversata da venature gotiche. In chiusura la title track depone dei fiori appassiti sulla gelida tomba oggetto delle malinconiche preghiere dei nostri. Non lasciatevi sfuggire un gioiello decadente di tale caratura. From Metal.

Das Projekt von Fredrik Klingwall, den man u. Das Ende der Welt muss wahrlich nicht kahl und leer sein, kein trostloser Abgesang, kein apokalyptisches Inferno.

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Denn so himmlisch sie auch klingen: Solche Alben fallen nicht einfach so vom Himmel. From Terrorverlag. Dieses schwedische Duo macht auf seinem dritten Album From Alternativmusik. Es ist halt da, es tut nicht weh und irgendwann ist es halt auch vorbei. Na wenn das so ist, kann es ja auch nicht so wirklich schlimm sein.

Danach wird das Album dann auch erstmal wirklich gut. Danach kommt aber mit Melancholia I und Dissolving kaum Spannung auf, denn alles klingt gleich. Auch auf Fearless passiert zu wenig. Auf Eschaton erklingen wieder Kirchenorgeln, aber auch das kann den schwachen Mittelteil nicht nochmal hochhieven.

Darum fragt man sich: Warum kriegt die Band es beim Rest nicht hin?


Schade drum! From Judas Kiss Magazine. There is a powerful gothic seam cutting through the music but it is of a 'northern gothic' with images of dark, snow-mantled trees replacing the crumbling architecture of Poe or Walpole. One aspect 'Found In The Cold' conjures is that of atmosphere and the album opener, 'Vacui' creates a vivid sense of vast, open landscapes.

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This image is voiced by the use of an organ; an instrument Klingwall uses throughout 'Found In The Cold' to good effect. Linda-Li represents the sole vocalist and here on the album her voice is wrapped within the tapestries of rich compositions in such a way that sweetens the sombre mood towards which the music sometimes gazes. On tracks such as ''The Leaving' and 'Fate Of Us All' Linda-Li's sumptuous voice is layered, providing a myriad of emotions that linger long after the tracks finish. The album is framed by it's instrumentation; organ, keyboard, bass and voice that intermingle to produce haunting melodies that hint of a lost folklore and are enlivened by crisp chimes and dulcimer-like strings.

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The narrative to this album is progressed through the music with Linda-Li's voice adding a disparate humanity to the passing of time the tracks elicit; a leaving and a return. There's a nice vinyl skip into 'Nothing Left But The Memories', a track that has a music-box like quality, hinting at the retention of memory through music heard in happier times. In places vaguely recalling an essence of Black Tape for a Blue Girl or All About Eve, Rising Shadows have nevertheless arose within their own landscape, one through which their music sweeps and swells amongst shadowed woods and whispering tall grasses that sway under cold winds.

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  • From Chronicles of Chaos. Rising Shadows cannot be considered as a metal band, not even in the post-Mortiis universe, but mastermind Fredrik Klingwall has substantial credentials in metal due to his keywork in a litany of bands. Plus, bassist Guillaume le Huche was once part of Katatonia, whom some of our readers may be familiar with. However, his bass work is subsumed by an array of dreamy keys and delicate sub-operatic vocals.

    Luar Na Lubre - Canción de Berce

    Klingwall maintains a similar fragmented approach as with his solo project, but works better in an ethereal rather than neoclassical context, where the abbreviated songs can be seen as audio expressions of dream: fleeting yet vivid encounters that quickly slip through our fingers without a wilful act of remembrance. Those familiar with similar-minded acts on the Cold Meat Industry label are most likely to appreciate this little gem. Second full length by Swedish band Rising shadows present the trio a lot more concise and mature in their quest for romantic music.

    A blend of stylized medieval folk dressed in ethereal ornaments, beautiful neoclassical arrangements and dismal gothic undertones. Female vocalist leader Linda-Li which seems like a live personification on Galadriel dazzles with her mesmerizing elvish chants and performing excellent melodic vocal sets that transport you to a reign of magic coldness and mysterious landscapes amidst ancient snowy woods illuminated by a gigantic crescent moon.

    The additional elvish duo that accompanies Linda-Li is composed by Fredrick Klingswall, main composer and arranger evidently shows a meticulous dedication given to the keyboard arrangements and orchestral ornaments, Guillaume Le Huche plays the bass adding a special darkness influx , amplifying the somber tonality that the album presents. This is could be an excellent soundtrack for the perdition of the elvish reign in their exile from a world devastated by an ever increasing evil, or in reverse an analogy of the current times of human race.

    Atmosphere is the centre where everything else circumvents this work, where instruments plays a crucial role in pursuit of this task, the fluent course within the tracks cleverly alternates cinematic passages generally conformed by this instrumental narrative that establishes an aural landscape full of mystery and dreamy textures along with sophisticated melodic arrangements anchored in neoclassical composition.

    The pieces evoke some influence from medieval folkloric tradition on the arrangements, mixing the ominous influx from the profane with the often sacred tonality from classical construction. The keyboard and orchestrations preserve a delicate and sweet aura where organic texture becomes essential in the preservation of the magic synthesized, these effects never sounding out of key or suffer from synthetic flaws perceivable; this is why the listener ends floating in a majestic joint of vivid organic instrumentation like dream.

    The often dreamy, ethereal cadences and textures presented during the work are mainly created by rather simple but abundant instrumental effects such as the subtle notes of Glockenspiel seemingly evocating mesmerizing snow flakes falling, caressing lutes, sweet dulcimer, incidental piano melodies, complex gothic harpsichord arrangements, ethereal flutes, tense cello and subtle synth lines that enhance the instrumental mood.

    Some more complex passages alternate though amidst the vast array of instrumental apparitions also. The heightened delicacy from this work is simply incredible, the magic evoked, the clever and elegant composition surely locates the band as one authentic creator of magical aural narrative. Now the voice from Linda-li is cleverly taken advantage by not reducing her range and inflexion to just chants but also as an adhesion to the instrumentation, often sounding like an additional exotic instrumental element amongst the incredible array of other instrumental joints displayed through the body of sound from the work.

    Subtle distortions and effects were applied to her voice during the production reinforcing the notion of mythical and magical presence abundant in the sound from the work. When she sings the coldness suggested and the melancholic mood gets heightened by her magical presence, like a goddess from the ice, or like a gentle deathly character singing a lullaby to a moribund wanderer immersed in the cold winter from a deserted valley of snow.

    Nevertheless there is a sign of gracious life in the music even though the mood evoked is lonely and distant, perhaps this comes as product from the junction between the often vivid medieval folkloric incidences mixed with the general atmosphere of lifeless charm found during the course. This is faerie music played deep inside the cold reigns where life weakly dwells but which beauty is astonishing. Authentically evocative music, elegantly poetic with a subtle paintbrush of death and dark magic that grants a characteristic delicate beauty to it and eerie sense on spiritual feel that will surely seduce the listener and will be able to submit him into his freeze embrace.

    Canto de berce - Score Canto de berce - Score
    Canto de berce - Score Canto de berce - Score
    Canto de berce - Score Canto de berce - Score
    Canto de berce - Score Canto de berce - Score
    Canto de berce - Score Canto de berce - Score
    Canto de berce - Score Canto de berce - Score
    Canto de berce - Score Canto de berce - Score
    Canto de berce - Score Canto de berce - Score

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