Everlasting Hunger (The Hunger Mate Series)

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He even avoided fae towns because they often had a small population of shifters residing in them. It was just a need that burned inside him, a quiet voice that urged him to take the mission and discover why a snow leopard, one from a normally peaceful species, was the target.

It was curiosity driving him. Plain and simple. He was curious to see what a snow leopard had done to make themselves the target of an assassination.

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Hartt flashed fangs at him. Fuery is due to return. Harbin stared across the black desk at the elf male. Hartt was taking the job with him. He wanted to growl again at that but held it locked inside where his animal form shifted violently in response to his aggravation, wanting to tear into the male opposite him for daring to doubt him.

It had nothing to do with his current condition. Hartt knew his history.

The elf had crossed paths with him at the darkest point in his life and Harbin owed him more than he had ever been able to put into words to tell him. Hartt had been the one to pick him up, give him a new place to call home, and a new purpose. Harbin had spent two decades as an assassin, but he had also spent two decades devoted to tracking down and killing the people who had attacked his pride.

During those twenty years, he had slowly shifted from spending most of his time hunting Archangel members to spending most of his time carrying out assassination contracts on other targets. Hartt had been the one to guide him on that path, helping him track Archangel at first and then helping him let go of his past as best he could and move forward with his life.

Now, Harbin no longer lived to make Archangel pay. He only cared about feeding his hunger. He craved the emotionless state that came before a kill.

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He had embraced the cold and methodical part of himself that allowed him to do his job without feeling a damned thing. Harbin closed his eyes and ground his teeth, shunning the memories that tried to surface by focusing on his next mission. All that mattered was chasing the high of feeling nothing. Feeding the beast inside him. There was always a next mission. Another mark to put to the blade. He slowly opened his silver eyes and fixed them on Hartt, the cold filling him as he shut down all of his feelings in preparation for the mission ahead.

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Newsletter Sign up to my newsletter to receive info on new releases, exclusive content, and giveaways in each issue! Thank you! You have successfully subscribed to our newsletter. Paranormal Romance Series. Avenged by an Angel Read more. Her Sinful Angel Read more. Her Avenging Angel Read more. Excerpt from Marked by an Assassin His leather boots were loud on the polished black stone floor that reflected warm torchlight up at him, a clunk and a scrape as he trudged along the broad arched corridor of the main entrance of the guild, heading towards the first reception room.

Or maybe a nightmare. One that haunted him despite his best efforts to escape it.


Hunger Mate Series by Brandy Dorsch

He sighed at the thought. Would they be darker than midnight? Was he as close to falling into the abyss as Fuery was? Or an assassin.

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One that matched his head for killing. Which he had. The cat shifter was a snow leopard. Harbin slammed the flat of his left palm into the door and it flew open.

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Hartt slowly lifted his violet gaze to him and raised an eyebrow. Nothing like a good brawl to release some tension. Why was he so eager to place himself on a collision course with one now? That same quiet voice supplied that it was because he feared. Quantity Add to basket. This item has been added to your basket View basket Checkout. Added to basket. Knight's Mistress. Sadie Matthews. Portia Da Costa. Marquis de Sade. The Dark Garden. Eden Bradley. Beth Kery. Barbara Cardy. Delta of Venus. Anais Nin. Best of the Best Lesbian Erotica.

Tristan Taormino. When he discovers that Ryland is an assassin for the vampires, all bets are off. As a vampire's slave, Ryland doesn't have a choice in the things he does, especially if he wants his father's medical bills paid. He thought Hil was a normal, sexy as hell human.

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He had no idea Hil was an alpha wolf. Now, Ryland's mission is to keep Hil alive, even if it means breaking his contract, and losing Hil's love forever. A pregnancy was the last thing that was supposed to happen.

Everlasting Hunger (The Hunger Mate Series) Everlasting Hunger (The Hunger Mate Series)
Everlasting Hunger (The Hunger Mate Series) Everlasting Hunger (The Hunger Mate Series)
Everlasting Hunger (The Hunger Mate Series) Everlasting Hunger (The Hunger Mate Series)
Everlasting Hunger (The Hunger Mate Series) Everlasting Hunger (The Hunger Mate Series)
Everlasting Hunger (The Hunger Mate Series) Everlasting Hunger (The Hunger Mate Series)

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