Heavenly Temptation (Amish Romance)

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What could drive a person to take his or her life, and could anything have been done to prevent such a tragedy? I always pray that my books might land in the hands of someone who can benefit from the story. God always has a plan far greater than our own. This book is also fun and romantic, especially as Charlotte tries to navigate unchartered waters while living with her new Amish family.

As she begins to shake things up for all of them, pieces of the puzzle start coming together. Beth Wiseman is the best-selling author of over 1. She is also a three-time winner of the Inspirational Readers Choice Award, and in she took home the coveted Holt Medallion. You can pre-order it here. As a former newspaper reporter, Beth was honored by her peers with eleven journalism awards, including first place news writing for The Texas Press Association. She left her job as a journalist in to write novels full time.

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The Amish man of the title, Joseph, although battle scarred himself, has an incredible empathy and tenderness about him. I wanted to write this story because I know personally that people are usually wounded in some way or another by the bruises of this world. Some are angry, filled with bitterness, stuck on revenge, or filled with hate. In fact, this represents all of us at times, but for this book, I especially wanted to focus on the fact that time is not linear for God.

In other words, God has access to our hurt pasts, and even when we do not have the power to go back—He can. He can turn a painful past into something new by reshaping it, healing it, and turning it around. So some themes and images are not meant for younger readers, or maybe even readers who do not prefer this style of writing. I always want to take the opportunity to let readers know what to expect! She lives in Atlanta with her husband and children. Do you have any Amish books to send us? The writer scrambles like crazy to get the book finished, does tons of research, only to be held back by serious life events that keep the book from being completed.

I love happy endings and my book had a very happy ending. So many people were getting turned down. I cried too as I signed the contract a few months later. Her love for writing began in a Literature class and now her characters keep her grabbing for paper and pen. Thus, she deserved her own book. How would leaving the Amish affect her relationship with her family? How would her relationship with her childhood friend, Amos, survive?

On top of everything else, when Jeremiah enters the picture and she develops feelings for him her life is further complicated, making her decisions harder than before.

Another family dynamic I wanted to explore was the relationships between Jeremiah, Amos, and their father, David. This is a family that was rocked by betrayal and abandonment when the brothers were young. In order to pursue his dream of becoming a veterinarian, Jeremiah had to leave his family behind. Their story needed a resolution, which is shown in A Faith of Her Own.

My hope is that readers will enjoy the journey these characters take as they are forced to make some very difficult decisions—including forgiving the people who have hurt them the most. Throughout the story Anna Mae and Jeremiah rely on their faith in the Lord, learning along the way that love and family are precious gifts from God. She started writing in , and published her first short story a year later. Since then she has authored several short stories, novellas, and novels.

You can pre-order a copy here. I was fascinated by their culture. Years later, a relative took me around Paradise and the surrounding Amish towns in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, and the idea to write novels about the Amish started spinning in my head. I visited Goshen, Indiana, to do research for my Amish Roads series several years ago. This series starts with A Road Unknown , when Elizabeth leaves her home in Goshen and heads for Paradise, Pennsylvania, then continues in Crossroads with Emma who is suddenly faced with a tough choice of staying Amish or leaving for the Englisch world.

It concludes with Rachel Ann looking for love and finding it in an unexpected place in One True Path. Readers have asked me why I enjoy writing about the Amish — what resonates with me about them.


Review: A Christmas Haven: An Amish Christmas Romance by Cindy Woodsmall & Erin Woodsmall

I love how the Amish truly live their lives by the example of Jesus and demonstrate their faith daily. They believe in service to their community and they also reach out to the Englisch communities surrounding them and they have supported missions in Haiti for decades. I particularly enjoy writing about how the Amish and Englisch interact—the peaceful and sometimes not-so-peaceful clash of cultures.

While the Amish are intent on living in their culture they have had to make some adjustments to the modern Englisch world—particularly the Amish who live in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, the area I write about. Doing both was too much so I dropped out of college. Years later I went to considerable time and expense completing my degree so I could teach.

I was a single parent and writing income can be a little undependable. She knew the truth behind that wild smile of his, and she would not allow herself to fall prey to it tonight. She would fight her physical attraction for him and remember what kind of man he was on the inside. He hopped down from his buggy and rushed to her, pulling her into his arms.

She tried to push him gently, so as not to make him angry, but he was too strong for her. At six feet tall, Adam was a pillar over her. At barely five feet tall, Eva was fully aware that he could easily overpower her, and that scared her. It was too late to rethink her foolish decision to meet him at such a late hour.

Her twin sister, Emily, had been better at taking over for their mother in the kitchen and doing household chores. When their father died, a piece of their mother had gone to the grave with him. The burden of the farm would no longer fall on her shoulders alone, and they would take care of their frail mother until she went to meet their father in the afterlife. Adam pulled her closer, kissing her neck, her ribs pinching sharply against the clutches of his arms tightly wound around her waist.

She let out a sharp cry under the vigor of his embrace. He stopped kissing her and drew his face close to hers, his gaze boring a hole right through her. She shivered, but not from the chill in the autumn air. She averted his gaze, casting her eyes downward. He let go of her and swung his arm, backhanding her in the face so hard she fell back against the railing. It was at that moment, when death stared her in the face, that reality hit her.

She held her stinging cheek and turned away from him, trying not to cry, but the tears flowed uncontrollably. He closed the space between them. Why do you insist on angering me? Her heart raced, but it was now or never. She feared death less than she feared this man. Death would be over in an instant, but his violence would stay with her for a lifetime if she married him. He grabbed her, his jaw clenched. She stifled her cries; if she resisted him, it would only be worse for her.

He kissed her madly, his hot breath on her neck causing bile to rise in her throat. What influenced you to write Amish fiction? For example, were you raised near an Amish community, or, do you have Amish friends? How long were you seeking publication before you landed your first book contract? I thought myself to be a pretty good storyteller twenty years ago. But, I kept making the same mistake. Just like a piano player must practice and learn, so must a writer.

I thought good stories would carry me on to publication. In , I started to really get serious about publication and began to study the craft. Eventually, I snagged an agent. My big break came when Thomas Nelson bought a three-book series from this unpublished author. Do you have any advice for other writers who would like to get their novels published? Those who stick it out and really learn the craft will get published. I really believe that. Do you use critique partner s? If so, how long have you had the same critique partner s?

I have never had a critique partner. I tend to bounce ideas and brainstorm with a couple of non-writer friends, and that seems to work for me. I notice your last two releases, plus your current project, are set in small Texas towns. Why did you decide to set your most recent works in Texas?

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Everyone knows everyone in a small town. And that often makes for a fun story. I like to get out of bed around Then I have to take care of all my animals. I have a diabetic cat who needs an insulin shot, a dog with Lupus and she needs a pill, another dog with arthritis and he needs two pills.

Then there are the four goats and two pot-bellied pigs that have to be fed. Eventually, I get around to coffee. Always two cups. I have a lovely office that is my special space, and I usually check emails and try to take care of any administrative stuff before I dive into writing. I write until about 11 a. In the afternoons, I write from about 1 to 5 p. Then I start dinner. I try really hard not to work in the evenings but it happens. October 26, Posted by Cecelia Dowdy.

I am trying to write a book.

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Is there a possibility of an Amish community living in Portugal? Occasionally, I get questions from blog readers about the Amish because of this series of Amish blog posts that I wrote a few years ago. I can tell you what I know based upon my limited knowledge. You might want to email some Amish authors to get a more in-depth answer.

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The Amish immigrated here from Switzerland, I believe? And, right now, they mostly live in the United States and Canada? I did find that there are Mennonites in Lisbon, Portugal. Since Amish and Mennonites used to be one group, and since the Mennonites are split from the Amish, the beliefs of both groups overlap. Since you live in that area, you might want to research this. Are you sure you want to limit your setting to Portugal?

If so, what do you plant in your garden? This is a nice, heartwarming novella collection. Each story is centered around an Amish garden. Do you garden? You must answer the following question: Have you ever raised a step-child, or, have you ever been a part of a blended family?

An Amish Man of Ice Mountain by Kelly Long | Penguin Random House Canada

You must leave your email address so that I can contact you if you win! So, have you ever raised a step-child, or, have you ever been a part of a blended family? Feel free to tell me about it. Leave a comment with the answer, and your email address, to enter the drawing! Merry Christmas! Enjoy the book! An Amish Miracle Book Giveaway! Winner was announced on An Amish Miracle blog post! To enter you must: 1. Do you have any advice to share with writers who wish to become published? Tell me about your typical writing day. Do you think you might publish a non-Amish novel someday?

Heavenly Temptation (Amish Romance) Heavenly Temptation (Amish Romance)
Heavenly Temptation (Amish Romance) Heavenly Temptation (Amish Romance)
Heavenly Temptation (Amish Romance) Heavenly Temptation (Amish Romance)
Heavenly Temptation (Amish Romance) Heavenly Temptation (Amish Romance)
Heavenly Temptation (Amish Romance) Heavenly Temptation (Amish Romance)
Heavenly Temptation (Amish Romance) Heavenly Temptation (Amish Romance)
Heavenly Temptation (Amish Romance) Heavenly Temptation (Amish Romance)
Heavenly Temptation (Amish Romance) Heavenly Temptation (Amish Romance)

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