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Jun 10, Doris rated it it was amazing Shelves: rock-star-romance. Only an extremely talented author can bring their characters to life in such a way that you are feeling like a voyeur into all of their lives; you are laughing when they laugh, crying when they cry and making you feel a part of their lives to the point of feeling like I was actually backstage with them or in their private lives.

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Do not let the amount of pages in these book stop you either because I was surprised myself that the pages seemed to fly by and left me hoping that this wild crazy ride with these people would never end. If there is one series you want to read and you love rock romances full of angst, love, sex and camaraderie you need to put this series on the top of your list. View all 16 comments.

Jan 29, LaDonna rated it it was amazing. The chemistry between Jamison Rivera and Sylvie Embers is irresistible, regardless of the emotional rollercoaster they take each other, and the readers, on. Never come across a fictional couple quite like them, and they won't soon be forgotten. I am okay with where their story ends for now, but I can't wait for Nancy Must read series, though Broken Chord is most definitely not a standalone.

View all 5 comments. Feb 04, SandraBarg rated it it was amazing. Loved This Book and Series! This book does such a great job at redemption! Every character in this book deserves their own story, including Jamison 's mom and dad! Great writing, a can't miss series!

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Highly recommended! View 2 comments.

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Feb 14, Katie rated it it was amazing. I have no words!

So sad to see it end but what a rollercoaster! Jan 28, Kathy Aronoff rated it it was amazing. This book follows right after Twelve Months Reprieve ends and yes — they have to be read in order, but fair warning if you do, be prepared for the mother of all book hangovers. In the hundreds upon hundreds of books and series I have read this will be in my all-time top ten favorites and for not the usual reasons.

It is mainly about Sylvie and her past colliding with her present, the hints were there from book one, her backstory is throughout the series and comes to a head in this book. I did wait ten months for Broken Chord and it was absolutely worth the wait. While other supporting characters definitely have stories to be told, this epic tale will stay with me for a very long time.

Jan 27, Jamie Ellis rated it it was amazing. I've been waiting months for this book and I wasn't disappointed at all with this ending! Miss Gadd did an amazing job with this one. At times I was so mad I could throw my kindle. This book literally always his, always him This book literally tore me into shreds time and time again, ugly crying, hot AF sex scenes, laugh out loud moments, more frustrating circumstances again, then this is the book and series for you! When an author can bring out these emotions and feelings from a reader she has done her job and done it well. And Miss Gadd done that for this reader hands down my favorite book so far of This book was an emotional roller coaster of epic proportions and I loved every minute of them.

Home (Eternal Gadd - The Collected Works Book 3)

The first two books I was ticked off at Jamison "Jam" Rivera, but this book I did a complete turn around a degree turn around and was ticked off at Sylvia for most of this one. I'm not ready for this series to end and hopefully hint, hint, and wink it won't be ending anytime soon. I need more and some unanswered questions lurking in my readers mind and head that need to be answered with hopefully more books.

I could go on and on for this review but I don't like to do spoilers seriously I don't, I think a reader should go in with no misconceptions and view and read a book for the first time without them. It's your own opinion that should really matter and not everyone else's.

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Like I said when an author can wring out such amazing feelings from a reader she's done her job brilliantly well. I was super stoked for this book and not disappointed at all! This was probably the longest book I've read in years but wow, what a story!

I have lived and breathed these characters for days I only have a select few characters that strike my heart and stay there and Jamison Rivera is now on that list. Hell, all of these characters suggest to me that I need, really really need, more. Especially Vinny and Alex who have captured my heart as well. Sylvie at times drove me crazy with frustration but I could ultimately understand her as well. Then her knight in shining armor, Alex, saved her soul and her sanity. This ultimately gave her the courage to face her demons when she goes to L. Lucy, her best friend, is marrying Jamison's best friend and bandmate, Ben.

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If you are a sap for great love stories coupled with rock gods, read it! Finally, this author has opened the door for a bunch of new stories Hint, hint R. Jun 15, Kella Campbell rated it it was amazing Shelves: romance , rock-star-romance. This book gets all the stars. The first two in the trilogy were good, but this one wrecked me with feelings.

I'm only sad that it's over. I'll read it again, but you can only read something for the first time once. I would give this 6 stars if I could sadly, 5 is the max Goodreads allows.


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Jun 29, Deanne rated it it was amazing Shelves: inked-pierced , 5-stars , tear-jerker , favorites , rock-star , happily-ever-after. The author puts a music playlist at the end of each book which is really cool because I liked to play each song while I read.

Feb 05, Lisa rated it it was amazing. She is like the rock and roll romance book whisperer. Eye of the North.

Twelve months: Broken chord

The Beginning of the End. The Knowledgeable Asura. The Missing Vanguard. Oola's Laboratory [ sic ]. Finding the Bloodstone. Genius Operated Living Enchanted Manifestation. Assault on the Stronghold. Against the Destroyers. Destruction's Depths.

Home (Eternal Gadd - The Collected Works Book 3) Home (Eternal Gadd - The Collected Works Book 3)
Home (Eternal Gadd - The Collected Works Book 3) Home (Eternal Gadd - The Collected Works Book 3)
Home (Eternal Gadd - The Collected Works Book 3) Home (Eternal Gadd - The Collected Works Book 3)
Home (Eternal Gadd - The Collected Works Book 3) Home (Eternal Gadd - The Collected Works Book 3)
Home (Eternal Gadd - The Collected Works Book 3) Home (Eternal Gadd - The Collected Works Book 3)
Home (Eternal Gadd - The Collected Works Book 3) Home (Eternal Gadd - The Collected Works Book 3)

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