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Monks ; Marc N. Kleinhenz ; Nate Barlow. This specific ISBN edition is currently not available. View all copies of this ISBN edition:. Synopsis Long ago in distant lands, a great explosion struck the heart of the Daggar Mountain range, causing every race and city, as well as nearly all animal and plant life, to collapse.

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Buy New Learn more about this copy. About AbeBooks. Customers who bought this item also bought. Stock Image. Hunt the Winterlands Brown, Josh. Published by Createspace Seller Rating:. New Paperback Quantity Available: She chose work that allowed her time to write; [1] all of her novels contain a biography paragraph with a litany of jobs: high school teacher , model , waitress, technical editor, all-night liquor store clerk, and Shotokan karate instructor.

Her first published novel was Time of the Dark Hambly was married for some years to George Alec Effinger , a science fiction writer. He died in She lives in Los Angeles. Hambly speaks freely of suffering from seasonal affective disorder , which was undiagnosed for years. Hambly's work has several themes. She has a penchant for unusual characters within the fantasy genre, such as the menopausal witch and reluctant scholar-lord in the Winterlands trilogy, or the philologist secret service agent in the vampire novels.

Her writing is filled with rich descriptions and characters whose actions bear consequences for both their lives and relationships, suffusing her series with a sense of loss and regret. In avoiding the " Although magic exists in many of her settings, it is not used as an easy solution but follows rules and takes energy from the wizards.

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The unusual settings are generally rationalized as alternative universes. Hambly heavily researches her settings, either in person or through books, frequently drawing upon her degree in medieval history for background and depth. This historical mystery series begins with A Free Man of Color and features Benjamin January , a brilliant, classically educated, free colored surgeon and musician living in New Orleans during the antebellum years of the s.

At the time, New Orleans had a large and prosperous population of free people of color. Provided with an excellent education, he gained fluency in several classical and modern languages, and was thoroughly versed in the whole of classical Western learning and arts. He studied medicine in Paris, where he trained as a surgeon.

He returned to Louisiana to escape the memory of his late wife, a woman from North Africa.

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As a free black in Louisiana, he cannot find work as a surgeon. He earns a modest living by his exceptional talent as a musician. Each title is a murder mystery. Each explores many aspects of French Creole and overall Louisiana society. Most tend to emphasize some particular element of antebellum Louisiana life, such as Voodoo religion Graveyard Dust , opera and music Die Upon a Kiss , the annual epidemics of yellow fever and malaria Fever Season , fear of miscegenation Dead and Buried , or the harsh nature of commercial sugar production by enslaved labor Sold Down the River. Themes of the series are 1 the cultural clash between the rising Protestant English-speaking Anglo-Americans, and the declining Catholic, French-speaking Creoles, 2 skin color discrimination within the society of Creoles of color, with favor given to lighter-skinned persons 3 January's bitterness at the many forms of racial injustice he observes, 4 the complex, partially race-based sexual politics of colonial French and United States society, and 5 January's comparison of what he thinks of as the open and frank African outlook of his early childhood with the more restrained and rational European worldview he acquired through education and experience.

This last theme occurs most often with respect to music, spirituality, and respect for law and social custom.

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  7. Hunt the Winterlands Hunt the Winterlands
    Hunt the Winterlands Hunt the Winterlands
    Hunt the Winterlands Hunt the Winterlands
    Hunt the Winterlands Hunt the Winterlands
    Hunt the Winterlands Hunt the Winterlands
    Hunt the Winterlands Hunt the Winterlands
    Hunt the Winterlands Hunt the Winterlands

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