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You may think of yourself as a relatively smart person, but unsure of exactly what is a high IQ. Is a high IQ?

A high IQ may protect men from a cause of psychological stress

Is it an average IQ? For those people who have had their IQ tested at some point in their life, and know their score, they still may not know if their score constitutes a high IQ. There are a number of versions of these tests that are administered based on your age range. For children, this can help identify learning disabilities or advanced abilities.

An IQ test is not the only way to measure intelligence and cognitive ability, but the most popular tests have been studied extensively over the years and have statistically proven reliability in measuring for a high IQ. If you are about to take an IQ test, either as a requirement for something or just out of curiosity, then you can expect it to measure things like your visual and audio processing abilities.

This can be done by seeing how well you understand a pattern that you are shown or how well you understand something that is played out loud for you to hear. An IQ test will also look at how fast you can process this information and how strong your short-term memory is. As far as the actual scores go, there are seven general categories that IQ scores are lumped into.


Learning disabilities in adolescents with high IQ scores.

A high IQ is generally accepted as a score over , which would put someone on the high side of average intelligence. His IQ scoring categories are broken down as follows:.

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By these standards, a genius IQ is considered and above. It is generally accepted that standard IQ tests are only reliable up to scores of around , and beyond that, it takes a highly trained professional to deduce scores in higher ranges. The bell curve below indicates the percentile ranges of IQ scores.

High levels of anxiety can cause them to not do their best on the day of the test and would result in a lower score. And you know what?

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Being incredibly intelligent is a curse. This is not just one of the many astute observations I have every day, by the way, it is a fact recently confirmed by science. These results are based on a survey that researchers from Pitzer College, in California, and Seattle Pacific University sent to Mensa members. You also, I imagine, have to have a higher than average Insufferable Quotient — but that is beside the point. The survey found Mensans were more likely than the rest of the population to have conditions such as mood and anxiety disorders, allergies, asthma and autoimmune diseases.

Was Donald Trump’s IQ Measured at 73?

But while the research may not be revolutionary it is revelatory in relation to the current political situation. People are always wondering why Donald Trump is so temperamental and now, I think, we have the answer: his disordered moods are a result of his oversized IQ. Not everyone is quite as enamoured with IQ tests as Trump. I mean he only wrote A Brief History of Time. After all, it has to be admitted, IQ is a very narrow, contrived measure of intelligence.

This might lead one to believe that what IQ really measures is your privilege — and, conveniently, it also gives you a way to justify that privilege.

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