Love vs. Lust

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Can not speak for any other man, but you have motivated me to be a better me in the love attraction world.

Is it lust or is it love? How to tell — and how you can have both at once

It's good for a person to know the "Value of Self Love" So, when connecting with your partner of the opposite sex you can better relate. Speaking of barriers, what do you do if you like a married women? Do you pursue her or do you move on with your life, dreaming, hoping she becomes single one day! No John, you can't go after someone who's married or otherwise in a firmly committed relationship.

That is the absolute, sure fire way to get yourself shot!!! The life you save will be your own. Hi JohnRoberts, If she is married that means she's not available and it can be a world of problems.

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Best of luck! Good day, the article is great. I have an issue, there is this lady we meet and became friends for over 10yrs now, then I did not propose love to her because I was with another person, she got married to someone else who later died and its been 2yrs after his death. Am in love with her, I have told her that I will also want to marry her, but she said no that she is not ready. Over this years we have developed some level of friendship that we can discuss anything.

But of recent we have been having some issues which is my fault, I have been calling too much and she has been complaining about it, of recent she told me that we are no longer friends and has refuse to settle the issue with me, this is more than 2 weeks I last called her I still love her what do I do. Hello Ozor, I would really suggest that you invest in my audio seminar on how to overcome neediness, attachments, and fears. I believe this will help you get a lot of clarity. Hi Scott, Thanks for reading my blog about Lust vs Love. What are your questions? Let's see if I can help. Thanks so much for this it explained a lot and gave me better understanding of a short relationship i just dealt with.

I just know i try my best to be there for her, show up, be dependable, supportive, giving, help her even when going completely out of my way and i dont mind i enjoy doing those things for her. My issue i realize is when i see a problem particularly a red flag i panic and dont know what to do then pull away or confront the issue to see her reaction. I just dont like feeling used and that keeps happening. I had a childhood friend tell me when youre in love you will sacrifice for the one another and if its one sided you have a problem.

Its tough makes me want to give up but i wont do that. Hi Aaron, Thank you for reading my blog about lust or love. I know this is a difficult time but I do see a couple things here that may influence your relationship patterns. I really believe you could benefit from a one on one coaching with me. If you're interested in guidance please book here.

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Initially she was upfront and showed great desire to know me, introduced me to her friends and family. Keeps on saying she wants to feel things naturally. Hi RK, Thanks for your comment and reading my blog about lust vs. It seems as though you cam off too strong and this is what killed the attraction.

If you lost sight of your purpose and goals this can kill attraction as well. I encourage you to look into that a bit more and find out why you wanted to jump in right away and then rebuild attraction.

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I'm here if you need any help! An interesting article. I agree that the 1 sign that one is in lust is when it's purely physical. There's no substance to the relationship at all; it's instant gratification. While I think people not learning how to love and accept themselves first is a factor, I don't think that's the major reason why we have high divorce rates, but my assessment of the other factor s are irrelevant to this particular subject. Last, along with having respect for that person, one accepting you for who you are i. Hi Edward, Thank you for reading my article about lust vs love.

I enjoyed reading your comment.

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Wishing you the best! As a man, I would be lying if I said I don't feel lust even though it is considered a sin of some sort but a man lusting after a woman is understandable or okay in my opinion. I see your videos whenever I get time but the latest one I watched the short men vs tall men video it got me thinking.

I am a short man 5'7 but I am strong built for my height so I am not short on confidence. Few years ago, I was very insecure because I was overweight and approaching or even talking to ladies was a struggle. I am a picky person so I don't go after every hot woman I find because for me its quality of heart and soul over just beauty but again lust kicks in sometimes because I am a man and it would be abnormal to say that I've never felt lust when looking at a hot woman.

Its strange but true.

Happy Weekend Apollonia Ponti. Hi Tom, True, thanks for your comment on my blog about lust vs love. Enjoyed reading your insights. Thanks so much! Happy you enjoyed my article about lust or love. Appreciate you! Pretty nice post. I just stumbled upon your blog and wished to say that I have truly enjoyed surfing around your blog posts.

Thanks and keep up the great work! Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Coaching Products. Lust vs.


Share on Facebook Share on Twitter. Martin Reply. Apollonia Ponti Reply. Louis Reply. JohnRoberts Reply. Mickey Reply. Ozor Reply. Scott Van DeHey Reply. Aaron Reply. RK Reply. Edward Kees Reply. Tom Reply. Person to Person Commitment to another. Genuine intentions. Think about other person's feelings before acting.

Enjoyment of a short-term, mutually pleasurable relationship. Feels like A deep affection, contentment, confidence. Partners communicate and negotiate appropriate expectations. Requires a lot of selflessness and polite assertiveness. You are loving your best friend. Passion, joyousness, strong desire, intense and sometimes difficult feelings of need.

Result Security, peace, a solid partnership which can provide the ideal atmosphere to raise confident, secure children. Unsatisfied lust results in sexual frustration, increased religiosity and superstition, emotional rigidity. Lust satisfied in a mutually beneficial way results in pleasure, creativity, passion, zest for life.

Effect Contentment, stability. Interdependency Partnership.

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6 Comics That Illustrate The Difference Between Love And Lust

Can lead to codependency if not tempered with self-awareness and self-guidedness. Often the first stage of love, and can lead to lasting friendships, romantic or otherwise. When not tempered with compassion and empathy , however, it can lead to emotionally damaging behavior. Time Period It will deepen with the passage of time.

Highly variable -- it may deepen or dissipate with the passage of time. Commitment This feeling may continue throughout one's life. Temporary commitment that lasts only long enough to fulfill desire. Bottom Line Love is unconditional and the real deal. Interested in only what can be done for self-pleasure; lust may develop into love, but it is lust until that time.

Video Explaining the Differences In the following video, Dr. Related Comparisons Match.

Love vs. Lust Love vs. Lust
Love vs. Lust Love vs. Lust
Love vs. Lust Love vs. Lust
Love vs. Lust Love vs. Lust
Love vs. Lust Love vs. Lust
Love vs. Lust Love vs. Lust
Love vs. Lust Love vs. Lust

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