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We understand that racism is inherently rooted an unequal power dynamic. So — it is not the same for a member of a persecuted class to criticize the majority as it is for a member of the majority to criticize a member of the persecuted class. Equality is not the same as equity. I thought this community was better and smarter than that. I agree wit you girl. Outrageously racist. As a once proud alumn, I am now embarrassed and ashamed to have been a part of a community that would allow something like this to be posted.

Thank you for speaking up about your experience. I support you. I have had to interact with all kinds of folks of various creeds, races, colors, socioeconomic upbringing, etc. I recommend the author step back and think about the same advice given to me over 30 years ago. While this editorial left me shaking my head for several reasons, the many thoughtful responses to it encouraged me, giving hope that dialogue can endure and we have objective thinkers in the community who are not afraid to be silenced regardless of their creed, color, or gender.

Who needs a resume when you can spout drivel like this? The job offers should be pouring in…. I am empathetic to the experience at Dickinson which is of a particular, significantly non-diverse, demographic, but this is just a lazy, and ironically entitled, temper tantrum.

This argument You absolutely have the right to free speech and to write such inarticulate, poorly argued tripe, and we as alumni have the right to not read it, but here we are, all of us reading away together. I am less disgusted with the sheer myopia of this topic of this article, which, although valid, seems to be derived from either a Tweet or a meme, and its complete lack of grounding in any kind of substance. The slang used and the redacted profanity not only diminish the argument they obliterate it, leaving it back to where it started as a lazy, ill-conceived attempt to riff of a viral post on social media.

Read a book! Great piece! Keep writing, Leda! One question I have is where do we draw the line? What about physics? The point of this column is that we white men of privilege frequently speak very loudly and proudly about topics outside of our sphere of experience. The reaction to this piece absolutely is proving exactly what the author was stating. Maybe we should be listening to the experience and frustration behind this point rather than forming a mob around the author. Dickinson has never done well in attracting racial diversity.

As a woman in the IT sector, I know a lot about getting talked over by a parade of mostly white men. But it is never ok to shove an entire group of people into a drawer based on any common characteristic. Not race, not sex, not age, not sexual orientation. Does the author have legitimate grievances and points? Is this article a result of years of frustration boiling over?

Very likely. Is the answer a blanket condemnation of white males? Of course not. Making such a generalization would deny a group of people the opportunity to contribute and engage in society based on the color of their skin and their sex. The solution to a profound injustice is not to suddenly inflict that injustice on the former perpetrators. Do better. In my experience this is how everyone operates.

Everyone wants to share their opinion on everything. Everyone wants to find reasons to reject opinions that are not their own, and everyone thinks that their opinions are original, when really they were created by someone else long ago. So by your standard no one should be allowed to talk. What a bunch of dopes. Who listens to these spoiled children? As a woman of color who graduated from Dickinson, I can relate to your experience. This is obviously a young lady who is frustrated and in pain. However, the fact is, so many of you are doing the very same thing you vehemently highlight as ludicrous.

What a shame and shame on you. This is one opinion. Higher education hinges on civil discourse. Take it in. Why do we have to read articles written by an utter clueless dingbat? Obviously, the author has an inferiority complex. And why not? White men have invented virtually every important concept, product, innovation, etc. Modern medicine, modern science, modern literature, etc. Cars, jets, microwaves, nuclear weapons, life-saving medicines, chemotherapy, etc. Additionally, white men are responsible for creating the most powerful country in world history the U.

With the exception of the disposable douche, the traffic light, and race riots, is there anything that women or non-white men have invented? So my message to this dingbat is: Shut the blank up. We are tired of hearing from you. Yes, white men roll their eyes at AOC because she and her followers are complete fools. BTW, when you wake up at age 35 unmarried, no kids, and on anti-depressants, just remember that the feminists told you to live your life the way you are living it now.

Black or white, opinions are equally valid. Except yours. Yours is garbage. Leda — This came across to me as a vulnerable, honest piece. Doing so is something white women like myself have a history of doing at the expense of women of color. There is a lot to be learned from the emotions this piece clearly evokes in readers. I hope anyone who reads this will do so multiple times, and reflect on rather than deny the truth of your experience.

Thank you for sharing. Thank you for this article Leda. I never understood why, I barely knew him. Since I was raised across the globe and always attended international schools, my approach to making friends lacked criteria. Anyway, I think most people who are angry with your article have missed the point…. This social injustice was not something I was remotely interested in addressing, and I never cared to bring up this issue with anyone.

We live in a society where blacks, queers and women are still oppressed…. Black people are not a monolith in political affiliation or experience. This piece is what happens when the level of analysis being hammered into students is the dichotomy of oppressor vs. And the Dickinson faculty are complicit in this, if not the catalyst.

Though Leda is free to express her opinions, I believe the long term consequence of such narratives being pushed within coastal liberal arts colleges is their own eventual demise. Look at Evergreen State. My fellow commenters: Whatever the author may or may not be, whatever she has written or merely believed, be wary of the social lynch mob.

Every time a prospective employer Googles her name, every time she applies for a scholarship or award, every time someone meets her for the first time on campus, every acquaintance or significant other looking to learn more about her… they will find this. How terrifyingly sad. She used hateful, discriminatory speech that the editor should have culled with more argument and substance.

These are wrongs. But what misfortune to have felt so much discrimination and sadness in her own life. How overwhelming must her anger be to blind her to the humanity of her fellow students and the irony of her own argument? And how devastating that these mistakes of her youth — along with the anger that prompted them — will follow her now and forever.

I pray for peace for her. She deserves our pity. She has mine. As an alumnae, I am appalled by this article moreso as the mother of a white boy. The author can certainly express her opinion, but to print this opinion in this forum, the college is lending legitimacy to this point of view. Can you imagine the Dickinsonian printing a similar piece if the author were a white male, and he was speaking of black women the same way? Not to mention, the generalization is totally unfair. Extremely disappointed with this piece.. This is an Opinion piece. She writes her opinion. You can disagree but I think the kernel is that she is asking us to examine our white privilege.

Further she is asking white men to examine their privilege. Her frustration is clear. Too many knee jerk reactions here in the comment section. Which tells me that many of you need to examine your white privilege. Ignorant and disturbing. Our satirical website Testing Newsdays has responded accordingly.

I have never been so embarrassed to have graduated from Dickinson College in my life that they would publish such a racist article!!! Fragile egos, thinking so highly of themselves. You should do exactly as suggested and listen to some other perspectives before wasting your time on feigned indignation and outrage. The author has in no way oppressed you; she has challenged you to think.

Most of you are failing the challenge and using the article as an excuse to spout some thinly-veiled racism and apples-to-oranges whattaboutism. Good luck to you, precious snowflakes. Black people are not a monolith in either political affiliation or experience. Though Leda is free to express her opinions, the consequence of such narratives being pushed by coastal liberal arts colleges is their own eventual demise.

I am a Dickinson Alumni and I am so proud to say that. I am proud that Dickinson admits and has platforms for students such as Leda to express themselves and challenge our ways of thinking and conducting ourselves. I am proud that through my time at Dickinson the community helped me grow from someone who reacted negatively to expressions like this to someone who can see its incredible complexities while understanding how I am part of the problem being discussed and how I can try and change that.

Thank you very much, Leda, for bravely challenging the status quo with your thought-provoking article. People are sick and tired of the incessant finger-wagging, scolding, and shaming by these ungrateful, hateful, privileged spoiled brats who have had nothing but doors of opportunity held open for them by others whose shoelaces they are unfit to tie. Print it! Leda speaks the truth; so sorry for all the privileged and fragile white people whose feelings are hurt by her piece. When I see these comments from alums and students, I am reassured that my decision not steer my son away from applying to Dickinson was correct.

Not much has changed since I graduated almost 25 years ago. Its the comments such as Lara Dunkelberg defense of this writer that disturbs me even more than the original piece. The dehumanizing of groups by societies is what has lead to the worst of human atrocities and behaviors…. But we must be consistent and call out all such hateful, dehumanizing speech directed towards any group being defined by immutable qualities such as race and gender.

So Dickinson, will you treat this kind of speech consistently? So have your been, are you being consistent? I wanna be totally straightforward with you… You will never, in a million years, get a job at a publication as prestigious as the New York Times. That little pipe-dream is never gonna happen. You will be blogging and tweeting until you are dead, and nobody will care. And you will neeeever get a job at the New York Times.

I hope you let go of your hatred and get your emotions in balance with your rationality. They will be unifying and constructive, not divisive and derisive. You sound very passionate, and your passion transfers to the reader. Thus, the ocean of passionate responses. I wish some of the responses were not so cruel. If you read them carefully you will see a lot of pain and some anger, probably on some level what you wanted your readers to feel. But you also in most cases hit an artery. If you want to bring about change and be TRULY heard you need to learn how to be more diplomatic and you need to consider the impact of your words and actions.

If you are going full force like you are here, no one will hear your message because they will be so wrapped up in their own feelings.

No one feels good and no one wins. Let this be a learning experience for you.

Sex slave--ep. 1--itz_ stupid gacha

Keep writing. Keep learning. Keep being true to yourself and who you are but learn how to manipulate your public with a little more finess, so they welcome your ideas with open arms and not turn their backs at them. I sure hope prospective employers are able to Google this young ladys name when she is looking for a job and find her enlightened views. Hey Leda! I think your article was great and well called for! All of these people above are painfully ignorant and clearly uneducated about what racism entails and how deeply and systemically racism exists in our society and how it is basically the foundation of every major institution in the US.

Just wanted to comment because I really enjoyed this article as a white person and think its ridiculous that other white people are calling it racist. Keep up the good fight! There are people out there who are fighting too! Everyone above needs to chill and check their privilege. Dont let them get to you!!! This is an awesome article. In a few short paragraphs you have managed to distill the total and complete intellectual bankruptcy of modern black, but particularly modern black liberal thought. In your feeble mind, everything is measured only through the lens of race.

Thoughts, concepts and principles have no intrinsic merit to you. As a human being, I am saddened. As a black man, I am embarrassed. You do not deserve a diploma. Go back to school. I wonder if this article created any positive value in the race discussion at Dickinson. Moreover, I wonder if, perhaps, the Office of Student Conduct should expect a rash of complaints. Respect is earned, not demanded. As a year old child with a liberal arts degree that means next to nothing in the real world, I can understand why.

Anyone who is not a white male can likely relate to the core of her message. Privilege can be so innate that it is unrecognized by the beholder. Should white boys still be allowed to talk? Sure they should. But, they should think about what they are saying, where they are coming from, and how their words impact those around them. I am a black man who was the first in my family to get a professional degree.

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I am a lawyer and specialize in child support recovery from deadbeat dads. Stop using racism as a crutch or excuse for your own bad choices. There is no doubt racism exists. You have a problem with the state of Black America? Black people should look in the mirror. For everyone saying this article is unscholarly, do your own damn research. Michelle Obama says the same gist of this article in her book. It is not her job to teach you nor to conform to the academic tone of voice that you all so desparately need before anything seems credible to you.

Its not her job to provide the scholarly resources. Read the racist diaries of Christopher Columbus and countless other white men who profited from literal black bodies and learn to appreciate the precedent that their sadistic work has left and is still practiced today. Maybe read her history for a change? This woman has an absolute right to be heard, and anyone who thinks the Dickinsonian should not publish her views is not a supporter of our first amendment.

The woman is expressing her rage as a black woman on the black experience, and maybe some white people cannot comprehend that. I believe that is what President Ensign suggested in her letter on Facebook today. It seems like there will be days ahead planned that will make Dickinson better. Anyone offended by this post or claiming that it is as bad as something written by a Klansmen can personally eat my ass.

So glad I graduated and am not at this embarrassment of an institution anymore. I get that intrinsic oppression drives this kind of emotional response, and I hope we see the end of the kind of social phenomenon youre describing in our lifetime. Not sure this route is effective, but if it helps people process their emotions from the crazy traumatizing world we live in, so be it. Sorry for spewing that all over the place from my position of privilege, im working on it. I see Dickinson is intent on becoming the next Evergreen. Gross and offensive to allow such intolerance in I am inspired by this.

Inspired that as a Black woman you have taken the power to tell us about your experience being in a predominantly white institution. As a first year student, who identifies as a Latina, I cannot express how enraged it makes me to read comments about ignorance and self victimization when all you did was demand that voices of color be elevated. Please continue to express your concerns, it does not just stop here.

No one can invalidate your lived experiences, no one can take away your power. Thank-you, Leda, for writing this. Good work, Dickinsonian editorial staff, for publishing. The best parts of my Dickinson experience were those in which I intentionally engaged with people from different backgrounds and in which I was challenged to stretch my perspective. Sometimes I was asked or even told to be quiet and to listen to someone else. It was uncomfortable. And I am better for it. It is horrifying that college campuses are teaching young people to think this way.

Truly disgraceful and outrageous. So let me get this straight. You have been repeatedly talked over and shut out of classroom discussions at Dickinson to the extent where the only feasible solution is for all the white boys to be totally silenced from this point forward. All this has happened while presumably your professors sat idly by watching and letting it happen. Did you ever bring this up with the administration or did they shut you down too?

The claim has been made in the comments that blacks cannot be racists, although no support has been provided for the claim. If so, she is delusional. Articles like this will not unite, but segregate again the United Stated and. If the education at Dickinson were so constructive and instructive, it would have abandoned this angry social justice warrior brainwashed stance obviously indoctrinated in this young woman and replaced it with a simple phrase — judge them by the content of their character and not the color of their skin or their gender … this applies to all but is usurped by blacks and women trying to climb to a position of superiority through the ruse of equality.

How is anything this young misguided woman saying any different? As a white person myself, I would recommend that before commenting, all white people should look up the definition of white fragility as well as the difference between racism and prejudice. More importantly, consider reading the article for a second time instead of commenting at all. Her argument of new data or beliefs being passed among the white community. College should be somewhere people can come and be opened minded to different ideas we are not asking for you to relate we are asking you to listen to us as your laws have oppressed black and brown people for years, when you move into our communities and create laws to oppress our culture, obviously when you move into a community of color their culture is going to be different from what you are use to but the way you guys try to reshape these communities to reflect a community ideological to a white image.

I am not saying that white males opinions should not be valued, I am saying that their opinions over certain topics are less valuable than of people of color and it works vice versa. An opinion without experience of the topic is always going to matter less when there is a person of experience. Going back to these ignorant ideologies that are passed down I ask you to question your parents beliefs of the POC community as there has been preexisting articles which target the POC community.

Again, I want you people to question those beliefs of your parents which are racist and stereotypical against groups of race and I want to ask you to be open to different ideas. There is a mix of satire and sincerity that is confusing and invites multiple questions and interpretations. All white boys? All of the time? Maybe not. It is the behaviors that are really being targeted. Think of a stereotypical male Fox news commentator, or a bigoted anti-female anti-gay, anti-science political hack.

I can understand only a small part of how tired she must be of that way of thinking. How much of that pompous thinking and declaiming is echoed and embraced by her fellow students? How many are close-minded to experiences and information beyond the information silo they are in? Turn the question on its head. How many on the extreme left are also similarly blinkered and siloed in the identity politics that may reductively portray their adversaries?

In some way, I feel both sides are being criticized. Very predictable to see so many fragile white people white boys, as well as the women who make them thinking anyone cares an iota what they think. You total essence is the root of all evils in this country and in the global environment; and your denial of it is so endemic that eventually policy however covert and unsuspected will need to be implemented to phase out your influence in this society and, in time, our as in not your world.

Is her style aggressive? Are her points valid? Also yes. I urge readers to put aside their hurt feelings for a minute and think about it. To call out racism is not racist. To call out sexism is not sexist. Of course people would be outraged if the article had said that black girls should not speak, because for generations the opinions of black girls have been suppressed or denigrated. The same can certainly not be said of white boys. Does the author sound angry? Is the article full of hate? As a white alumna, I remember a lot of racism at Dickinson, and I had hoped that things had changed in the thirty-something years since I graduated.

Where is the administration comment? The president Is so quick to be outraged and offended when a KKK flyer is found somewhere in Carlisle and has nothing to do with the college. Yet can not comment when her own staff has produced and promoted an individual who would write such things and another that would publish it. It would seems obvious where her opinions lie. Those white boys you so hate, some of them have paid full tuition so that other less fortunate students could attend.

You are on track to receive a highly prized liberal arts degree from Dickinson. You are not a victim so stop falling into the victimization game the left loves to push onto minorities to secure their vote. You have made it this far there is no reason you cannot succeed. The only person that will prevent you from doing so is you.

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I am truly amazed that so many people are offended by this article. If you are surprised by anything that you read here you are completely out of touch with the teachings of this college. These ideas are what is being promoted by the administration. One of the drawbacks of a Dickinson education is the lack of name recognition from which the college suffers. Sadly, since at least one commentator from a major news network has picked up on this story, Dickinson will soon be notorious.

Many posts have already articulated my thoughts, but let me say that l think President Ensign let everyone down by not condemning this hate speech. Opinions and racial vitriol are one thing, but this writer actually named names. Secondly, I am astounded that often those who speak out the most vociferously about race issues are so limited in their analysis. As our society evolves, there will be even more interracial marriages and partnerships. Have you noticed all the advertising campaigns lately that show mixed race couples?

Have you learned anything from the genetic testing fad about the prevalence of diverse ancestry? You and your ilk are on a path to devouring your own selves. Thank you for your voice. Thank you for your critique of our society. Thank you for encouraging people to listen to us and acknowledge our truths.

You know what. In the business world, you often have to listen to others with different viewpoints. Back when I was the ceo of a major entertainment corporation. I would have to listen to, acknowledge, and comprehend the experiences of other team members in the board room. We cannot advance a society where one individual is diminished based on his skin color. We dealt with this problem before, we learned from it, and society, as a whole, matured from it. Please stop bringing racism back Leda Fisher.

Either learn to listen and respect others, or stay home. How did you get admitted to a college? The stock value of the Bachelor Degree is in a freefall. Short sell it now. It really is a shame. There is a lot of good critique and criticism in this piece, however it is overshadowed by the overgeneralizations, and prejudice.

There are people who benefit from privilege and refuse to listen to the experiences of PoC which could change their perspective. But the overgeneralizations and prejudice really went to far. There are some things that we say in publications and some we say among friends.

Otherwise, her opinion and some of the responses reflect poorly on the old gray walls. I had the impression that the institution had expended a great deal of effort encouraging civility in recent decades, but clearly some have yet to embrace the concept. Mercifully, free speech is still, for the most part, valued and protected in our republic.

My observation is that the article and the comments suggest that Dickinson and we Dickinsonians would benefit from a more serious and deliberate consideration of virtue, personal responsibility, and the consequences of our words and actions. It appears you are against freedom of speech. Shameful from a college that should support free speech. This article is all the evidence we need that our education system is failing us. To blame one group because of their gender and color of their skin for the wrongs of history that they had nothing to do with, is ignorant at best and dangerous at worst.

What has to be addressed here is black fragility. No other possibilities can be allowed. This is extremely unhealthy. Generations of African-Americans have been inculcated with a self-defeating persecution complex. A screed such as this writer has created is reminiscent of a petulant child putting her fingers in her ears to block out challenges she is not equipped to handle. There is much blame to go around. Many of the comments from white people applauding this logical travesty appear to be from enablers who perpetuate a very real racism of low expectations.

To these people, I acknowledge that you may think you are helping, however, as a black man watching the continued dumbing down of our culture, I can categorically tell you that you are not helping. As a white boy starting college this fall, this piece only encouraged me to speak up louder and prouder when I get there. You can only defeat hate with love… but trying to stop hate with hate remains immensely popular. Like our own Dickinsonian Dr. Frankenstein, Ms. Fisher has breathed life into a straw man, and reinforced caricatures of the left that the MAGA crowd loves to perpetuate. The writer of this article sounds frustrated.

While it could have been more well written, I can personally relate to her frustrations. I graduated from Dickinson in and knew instinctively exactly the kind of person she was calling out. To put that in context, I am a white, weathly, privileged, highly educated woman and I also felt this way very often when I was at Dickinson. I got so tried of being bulldozed in discussions when I attended classes by a certain type of person that I eventually gave up participating at all.

Many, but of course not all, still do not realise that and benefit from it anyway, or worse, use it to their advantage or abuse it. While I support the right of the author to express this opinion and the right of the Dickinsonian staff to publish it, I think the sentiment of this piece is antithetical to the ideals that often go hand in hand with a liberal arts education.

Namely: free thought, open discussion, and recognition of our shared humanity. As a white boy graduate student I voluntarily give up my right to share my ideas. Sure she should. And that your innate masculinity is somehow evil. Even if some element of truth, and I think most of it is long past in our society, the hyper focusing on it by academia and certain special interest groups who use it for power and wealth, quite frankly, is doing such divisive harm.

Creating feelings of rage, anger and vengeance — in both broad groups of people effected. Are we really this dumb as a society to allow its propagation? Saying this is not a racist column, shows you are just as racist as the author. Yes there is no such thing as reverse racism, because it is ALL Racism. Leda, Thank you for your words. As a proud white female Dickinson Alum who continues to donate to the school, I am disappointed in the ignorant commentary you are receiving in response to your thoughtful opinion piece.

That your peers, their parents, and fellow alums do not realize the privilege they hold in responding in this way worries me. For those commenting that this is hate speech, I would recommend you educate yourselves on structural racism and how in the history of the United States white male voices have been prioritized over all others in many cases leading to the violent erasure of non-white experiences. Leda your piece provides a culturally relevant and timely analysis of the role white cis men play in American society; our bigoted president serving as exhibit A.

Thank you for taking what is a risk and sharing these opinions and I hope those commenting reflect on the privilege they hold in being able to maintain their ignorance in this setting. Thank you, White Female Dickinson Alum. You are brave and I applaud you. Our society is not perfect, but this kind of entitled and hate filled vitriol is so transparent and lacking in any historical awareness or factual basis. When you come up with the answer please let me know. In the mean time keep it up. Instead of actually working to improve your community through action keep spreading hate.

Though, I doubt it will be the kind of attention you seem so desperately to want. As a non white or non black person, this is insane! Why are we still talking about race!?!? We need to let all this go and be good to each other!!! We are all people!!! This Opinion piece was written by a senior at Dickinson College? Sadly, it looks more like an ill-conceived mess to me.

Please learn to write an effectively argued article before you put pen to paper again. But regrettably, no such denouncement of this tremendous display of racism has appeared, exposing the hypocrisy which exists in our school administration. True equality among people only exists if acceptance of others and their ideas is reciprocal. We are not evil, we are people, same as you, no better — no worse. Perhaps the school and town have changed, but from what I remember, neither Dickinson nor Carlisle offered a safe learning environment for students of color.

On campus, Black and Muslim students, in particular, regularly faced both everyday microaggressions and blatant racism from fellow students and staff. I wish more students, parents, and alumni would stop to consider what experiences Ms. Fisher has had that led to her frustration. Wearing the Red letter day for me to read this publication, by my alma mater, holding my father, husband and son in such disdain and then opening my mail to see tuition will be breaking the 70K mark for coming academic year. Well done Dickinson. Will this author be making calls on your Day of Giving?

Dear Leda, As an over 60 white woman, I want you to know how much I enjoyed this piece. You are fearless and provocative and you are an excellent writer. Clearly, you struck some nerves here! Well done! It saddens me that so many are jumping on the bandwagon to criticize you, calling this racist and hateful. I would like to see more thoughtful introspection and soul searching or just questioning and trying to understand something from a new perspective. Instead of knee-jerk reactions, all of us would benefit from some reflection. Oy vey! Great article Leda, the white race is the most subversive and evil of all the races and need to be taken down a peg or two.

I love being a white male and having a voice. We must work each and every day to build an inclusive world and to defeat those who have been emboldened to spread hate and fear. I am reminded of the words of Martin Luther King Jr. We are confronted with the fierce urgency of now. In this unfolding conundrum of life and history, there is such a thing as being too late. This is no time for apathy or complacency. This is a time for vigorous and positive action. Today, I received an email from President Ensign about this article, so I decided to check it out.

Leda, that is quite the scathing critique, and I applaud your courage for writing it. While I a white man may not agree with everything you wrote and think you will probably decide in later years that you could have made your point with less vitriol, congrats for speaking your mind. Oh, it is so easy to be outraged from the comfort of your own home, maybe creating a new hashtag and thinking you have done your part today to make the world a better place.

I was lucky enough to befriend a few of the African-American students and understand how they may have felt ignored and unheard. Maybe people should focus more on the issue articulated and keep your daily dose of moral outrage to yourself. Finally, to those posters who said they would never send their kids to Dickinson because of this article, I say GOOD…. An institution of higher learning like Dickinson exists to educate young adults to learn more about the world and how to think for themselves. And for those who threaten to withhold your donations, that is certainly your choice.

If you prefer to donate to an organization that only tells you what you want to hear, then I suggest you give to the Republican Party for which facts, truth and reality are never more important than pleasing sound bites for the masses, who are once again, wait for it …. Keep pushing boundaries Leda! In lamenting white privilege, the author manages to exercise all of the elements of that priveledge while displaying all of the lazy and bigoted thought that has preserved it for years.

This article was not helpful- it did not contribute to the debate in any constructive manner, and it needlessly perpetuated stereotypes and demeaned an entire class of people based on the authors negative experiences with members of that group. I think all can see the raw bigotry in this piece, which makes it hard for me to accept any of her assertions. How can I then view her opinion as anything but a bigoted tirade against people she sees as inferior, simply as a matter of race?

Call out individuals who attempt to silence you. Call out individuals for their behaviors, since they are responsible for their behaviors.

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  • Generalizing racially simply promotes more racial tribalism.. That goes for the white kids, black kids, and inter-racial kids do they count in these racial wars? So let me get this straight…. Despite the disclaimer, the Dickinsonian is a reflection of the college, the faculty, the current students, and—to a lesser degree—the alumni. Unfortunately, this type of nonsense seems to have become the norm on campuses all across the country. Dickinson was a good school and I still proudly wear my class ring. However, this opinion piece likely speaks volumes about the underlying culture on campus!

    I seriously doubt Ms. Personally, I am embarrassed for her and Dickinson. Fisher, the professional world is not as forgiving about unsophisticated stereotypes as the Dickinson community, so please examine the bitterness and intolerance you have in your heart and be grateful you have not received the judgment you have attributed to an entire race and gender. Insightful, concise, direct, powerful, but, most of all, true.

    I am proud that Dickinson is a place where such stimulating and challenging writing can be published. No apologies should be made by the administration for the thinking and speech of its students, nor should any special efforts be made to provide a louder voice for the majority who have held the stage, unchallenged for so many years. Insightful, direct, concise, but most of all, true. I am proud that Dickinson is a college where such powerful and challenging thought and speech are published.

    Is it racist for her to say that? Most of the comments here miss her basic point. Yes, she uses in your face language, which is clearly intended to provoke, and it goes overboard in a few places — the title in particular. I was one. But there are societal and institutional structures in place that benefit white males.

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    She seems great. This article is racist and juvenile. I was thinking of having my son attend Dickinson. No more. How did the administration allow this to be printed? Shame on you all. Taken at face value, this op-ed is a shoutout to divisiveness and racism. Not exactly what MLK fought for. I defend her right to say this. So what do they do? Then DEMAND that society lay out the red carpet for them because their struggle is far worse than anyone else can ever imagine.

    So much for creative thought and hard work. Nice demonstration of leadership. Looks like Dickinson failed in their selection of President. Their response? Something tells me their response would be much more swift and just and rightfully so had such an opinion been made by a white male about a black female. One only needs to look at the University of Missouri to see how mishandling of racial friction can impact a college or university. So now the University has had to eliminate Jobs due to falling enrollment.

    What person in their right mind would go to a school where the administration looks away then stick their head in the sand after such a statement is made? Dear Ms. Fisher, I am a Dson graduate from the 90s. I refuse to reveal my gender or race — because quite frankly — it is irrelevant to this conversation.

    What I learned at Dickinson in both the classroom and outside is we need to learn from History. In closing, it saddens me that in your final semester at Dickinson — the very place that has allowed you to learn and grow — you choose to write a very naive, ill thought out article that further creates a divide. If anyone is speaking over anyone Ms. Fisher it is you — with this racist article. You do not represent my Dickinson not because of your race or gender — but because my Dickinson was inclusive and open minded. Sincerely, A 90s graduate. I think everyone is missing the point. In addition, the argument pulls the weight of historical racial oppression in this country around the writer like a shroud, limiting not only her point of view, but her ability to avail herself of all this world has to offer.

    She argues her way to her own self-imposed limitations. White boys are not doing this to her; she does it to herself, and then has the lack of vision to understand her own role in her own destiny. They despise him because he shares a different political opinion than them. The writer of this racist article is one of those people. The college has an inclusivity event nearly every day based on the daily Dickinson newsletter I receive. To make matters worse, the president of the school supported this racism. Some of the comments supporting the writer are disgusting too. Why are we still talking about race?

    Pretty sure the writer wrote this article at her very privelaged college and it was published because of her right to free speech. Stop hating and start having civilized discussions to understand other perspectives. It is absurd to attribute racism to anyone, especially one arguably a target of it, pointing out examples of its pervasive cultural entrenchment.

    I am mixed race and not African-American at all. It sounds like she is tired of people disagreeing with her … sad. The fact that this article triggers white boys so hard tells us something. Jist look at those walls of text. Welcome to minority status Jethro. I have no problem with provocative articles. I hope the paper would be willing to publish equally provocative articles from those holding opposing views. She is a Dickenson Goodwill Ambassador. And her scholarship. It would have been more appropriate to say that she wished she could silence certain boys, rather than all of them.

    I think we can all identify with that sentiment! I am hoping that the school has educated her enough to recognize that not every white boy fits her stereotype. Is she including Jews? Is she referring to international students and immigrants? What about poor students who had fewer opportunities than she did? Or white boys raised by lesbian or gay parents? What about white boys raised by a single mom, or those who grew up in foster care? Is she upset with the white boy who took a year off from college to work with Habitat for Humanity, or the one who was sexually abused as a child?

    Has she thought about the white boy who survived cancer, or the one who spent a year in juvenile detention? What about the white boy who is a recovering addict? Should all of these white boys be silenced as well? Could they not possibly contribute something valuable to the conversation, simply because they are white? One must conclude that she is either too angry to be rational, or that she is too sheltered to understand her own ignorance. Another sticking point for me is how she uses their names as insults.

    I disagree. It is certainly becoming a reality. I read and reread this article… it is obvious there is a lot of anger and resentment among minorities and women in this country. At this point the real question is who perpetuates it? For 50 years women and minorities were given every opportunity at the expense of white men to achieve and yet they still complain. Maybe the problem is something within them and not so much the message they get from the world. Those women and minorities capable and willing to achieve success seem to be doing fine.

    The ones complaining are those who cannot compete and blame everyone else for their failings. While many can accept the desire to advance the causes of women and minorities for the good of the world, few with a brain will condone the cheap shots and hate speech that women and minorities such as this have resorted to in this country of late. When a desire for equality becomes a more aggressive desire to destroy a group of people, you are no different in mindset than the klan, regardless of gender or color.

    For Dickinson, if this is a mindset borne of your culture and teachings…you have failed miserably. Stop preaching the words of equality through MLK if your goal is to abolish the idea that content of character is greater than color or gender. This young woman has been poisoned with the idea somewhere that competing with white men is a threat and that government and social justice mobs are her only resort to destroy them rather than work alongside them.

    Someone or many have done her a great disservice that will likely ruin her chances of success in the future. Too many of these comments suggest that Dickinson has failed miserably to teach its students how to engage critically, respectfully, and thoughtfully around difficult issues. Making enemies out of would-be friends. He was protesting outside of a federal jail in Brooklyn where inmates had been without heat and electricity for a week during the polar vortex.

    The photograph shows him shouting passionately into a megaphone pointed upward toward what I know to be the jail windows being rattled by desperate prisoners inside. I was proud. In the same week I find that my daughter, his twin sister, has taken up her own metaphorical megaphone in a Dickinsonian op ed and she too has captured national attention. Again, I am proud. To those critics, I would like to say this:.

    My daughter, Leda, should not have to water down her discourse in a higher education setting for those unfamiliar with basic concepts such as institutionalized racism. She should not have to be a bridge builder or a patient communicator or a generous educator — unless and when she wants to be. When I came to, I told them who ran over me.

    It was Ronnie Estes. Estes was also a suspect in the unsolved hit-and-run death of a Beulah resident named Donald Hughes, say current and former law-enforcement officials. While walking home on Highway 1 after an altercation with Estes, Hughes was run over, backed over, then run over again. The same is also said of another junction just up Highway 1 in Clarksdale.

    Ronnie Estes did not respond to multiple requests for comment. In , Estes pleaded guilty to two counts of aggravated assault after shooting a woman named Jean Washburn in the face and her husband, Richard, in the knee. Estes received five years, yet the judge suspended four years of his sentence on the condition he not commit any other offenses or own a gun during a probationary period. But he was charged again with aggravated assault, for shooting yet another man, William Michael Fortenberry, in the thigh. Estes, who claimed that the gun went off accidentally, was convicted of felonious possession of a firearm.

    In the s and 90s, the Estes brothers were known throughout the county. Some saw them as real-life versions of the characters on Hee Haw : backwater jokesters and troublemakers. He could do anything; nothing would happen. He shot someone in the head in the broad open daylight—in front of the courthouse! The paper, however, never ran an article on his investigation, even though Lush says he had spoken to an elderly resident who claimed to have witnessed key details relating to the murder. He knew things. Lush says he started using the phrase after seeing some remarkable magnolia trees in a cemetery north of Rosedale.

    When I bring up the Horsley case, Liddell laughs ruefully. We are closed to the world. And we choose to be that way. I ask him what might possibly explain why so many homicide cases have gone cold here. Billy Joe was known for patrolling Rosedale with an M16 and, at times, a big club. He was a feared man, but also a revered paternal figure, and almost everyone interviewed for this story characterized him as a solid, competent policeman—except when it came to dealing with his youngest brother. Billy Joe was first hired as an assistant marshal on the Rosedale police force in , at a time when Mississippi remained segregated and interracial marriage was outlawed.

    He had her performing oral sex on him. But after an alleged episode of domestic violence, in , she contacted the police and decided to move out. At that point, according to Gibson, the girl informed her mother of repeated instances of sex abuse. Dinky obliged and brought the personal effects to Gibson, having conveniently placed the toothbrush in a Ziploc bag.

    Inside One Police Chief’s Hunt for Justice in a Pair of Unsolved Mississippi Murders

    The sample came back a match. So go there with an open mind of coming out and becoming a good citizen again and everything will be okay. When I return to Mississippi in December , Gibson asks me to meet him at a library in the town of Cleveland, a short drive from Rosedale. Upon entering the municipal library, we ask the woman at the front desk for a private place to talk.

    She looks at us warily, then suggests we sit in the boardroom down the hall. As we chat, Gibson proposes people I might interview. One is the mother of the child Ronnie assaulted. Suddenly, we hear someone sneeze—right outside a side door to the boardroom. We hear hushed shuffling sounds too. Currently living in Georgia, Derrick Horsley is a retired army sergeant.

    I want the issue resolved not only for me but for my other siblings, and for my mother. She had a little boy who was two or three years old when it happened. At that moment, Gibson looks out the window with alarm. And when we walk out of the room, the ex-D.

    Was he summoned here? Or is it merely a coincidence? Gibson, clearly uncomfortable, greets Mellen with a forced smile. The next day, Gibson escorts me around Rosedale. Fields of cotton and beans lead to a wooded enclosure. In front of us, beyond a fence, is a cemetery. In between the tombstones stand a number of immense magnolias. A dead pecan tree, just inside the graveyard, appears to have been hit by lightning. The pecan juts up 12 feet into the air, shorn of its limbs, with jagged new shoots growing from the top of its ruptured trunk.

    As we walk, a black pickup truck with tinted windows turns into the cemetery lane. It stops 30 feet from us. After idling a few long moments, the pickup reverses slowly, and drives away. The following day, Gibson is beside himself, having spent much of the morning talking to agents from the F. A member of his family, he says, had been shot at the previous night—and escaped injury. My life could be threatened too.

    It concerned an altercation that occurred in , just weeks before Ronnie Estes was convicted. Left, the Rosedale courtroom where Ronnie Estes pleaded guilty to sexual battery, in Right, Estes in custody in At that time, there had been a surge in violent incidents involving under-age clubgoers, so the county sheriff decreed that all local hangouts had to close by midnight. That Saturday, though, the Millennium stayed open past the curfew. According to court records, Gibson, accompanied by other officers, arrived and issued a citation.

    Dinky was on the dance floor at the time. Richard Lee got up in his face. Gibson handcuffed him—for disorderly conduct—and led him into the back of a patrol car. Richard Lee, according to witnesses, started sobbing. He was later let off with a warning. Dinky, Gibson claims, was furious. Several of the officers present that night testified that Dinky spoke of how, if he ever became mayor, he would make sure Gibson was fired. And things seemed to quiet down—until Gibson started investigating Mayor Estes on a complaint about under-age drinking at the Millennium.

    During the inquiry, a police informant videotaped a shooting outside the club. Within days, Gibson was fired. The next 18 months were a struggle. Gibson applied for law-enforcement jobs elsewhere, but he claimed he was told the city of Rosedale had given him a bad reference. His wife had just given birth to twins, and he was scraping by financially. While reporting the piece, journalists for the paper contacted Estes by phone to ask him about inconsistencies in the Patrice Horsley case and other homicides that had happened on his watch.

    He yelled back and slammed down the receiver. And then, a short time later, Billy Joe Estes dropped dead. No one I spoke to in Rosedale was quite sure if he had had an aneurysm, stroke, or heart attack his obituary lists no cause of death , but the consensus was that he died not long after being confronted by the reporters.

    The News Leader is now defunct. Yet I manage to track down its former editor, David Johnson. It contained very little documentation related to the crime. Part of the reason, Johnson had been informed, was that after the murder Billy Joe had supposedly kept much of the evidence from the case in the trunk of his car throughout the sweltering summer, effectively tainting it and killing off any usable DNA. In court, one of those who spoke on behalf of Gibson was an African-American investigator from the D.

    He described some of the hurdles that Gibson faced in pursuing justice in Rosedale. The judge asked James why. Laurence Mellen. He is waiting for me in a black pickup truck and suggests I sit in the passenger seat and do the interview there. It turns out that he is very familiar with the Horsley matter. His comment was that he had fallen in the bathtub.

    Following the murder, James recalls, he was approached by D. Mellen about going to work in his office. One summer day, James tells me, Estes had taken Mellen out onto the Mississippi River in his johnboat. You see a catfish in a stump. He would make sure that Ronnie would never go to prison. If true, the tale might answer a lot of questions. My oath stated that I was to protect the lives of the citizens. Some people in life are afraid to stand up for themselves.

    Sometimes you may have to be the one to stand up for them. But what does Laurence Mellen have to say in response? Today, Mellen is retired, having left his D.

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