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For example Bearnadotte most of the time got Command of low grade Foreign trops with poor morale and poor Training while Other Marshals got better Trained French Troops for example from he commanded Bavarian Polish Dutch Spanish and Saxon troops and in when he got command over a Saxon army and when he went to inspect it he found out that a big part of the men where above 50 and most Ncos above 60 most men where not capable of running for any distance but had to walk. Last edited by mattebubben; April 02, at PM. Revise the rank order of the Marshals stars , and costs relative to rank.

Now I just need to decide the order Originally Posted by klesh. Here is my thinking for version 1. Originally Posted by md Very nice! Last edited by klesh; April 08, at AM. Revised the command stars order and unit costs. Last edited by klesh; April 09, at AM. Edit: So I just created a Messena unit and used that for the icon, it looks ridiculously out of place in comparison to the other artwork, imho.

Also I don't play custom battles so I don't care these portraits being available there ,I need to know if I can have them in campaign also Multiplayer Campaign??? If you are interested contact me. What do you guys think..? Last edited by md; April 13, at PM. Originally Posted by kambiz. Very very good mod Klesh I need to know ,after installing it ,Would my game considered a modded game or I can still play Vs people who have unmodded game???

Originally Posted by Propaganda. I think Klesh we should work together on this modification, I have already made startpos. George Washington certainly was no Globalist Red, but he was indeed a Freemason. It was through the secretive Masonic lodges that Illuminati plotters operated. The most ominous sign that conspiratorial influence was at work during the earliest days of the United States can be found in the Great Seal of the United States, first established in The Seal depicts an eagle with the 6-pointed Jewish Star of David above it.

Is In , a reverse side was added to the Seal. There is a legend that during the design of the Great Seal, Washington asked what compensation Haym Salomon wanted in return for his financial contributions to the Revolution. He replied that "he wanted nothing for himself but that he wanted something for his people". Above, they make hand-symbols of the Illuminati pyramid and eye. The colonists themselves were divided as to their loyalties with as many as one third wishing to remain British subjects, at least at first. French military assistance will play a huge role in reversing the course of the war.

The British grant the colonies full independence in For six years after the end of the war, the colonies are not truly a united nation, but rather a league of allied states living under mutually agreed upon rules. Months of contentious debate follow before the States ratify the Constitution, the framework of the Federal Government. The checks and balances built into the Constitution establish 3 branches of government, and limit the power of each.

George Washington will be chosen as the first US President. The document also limits the power of the masses of people. Under the Constitution, taxes and state spending are minimal, and only There is no authorization for income taxes, central banking, and social welfare schemes. The Constitution and its original 10 amendments The Bill of Rights serve as a leash on government growth and power, and a guarantor of personal liberties, such as rights to free political speech, to own firearms, and to be secure from unlawful searches and seizures.

It is the brainchild of New York banker Alexander Hamilton. Hamilton had previously founded the Bank of New York in Hamilton and the New York bankers believe in strong central government and debt-based central banking and currency issue. Virginians Jefferson argues that centralization of power away from private mints and banks is unconstitutional and dangerous.

He wrote: "…banking establishments are more dangerous than standing armies. The Father of America has a blind spot when it comes to the smooth talking, foreign- born deceiver. Others are not so easily fooled. In later years, President John Adams will describe Hamilton as: "…the most restless, impatient, artful, indefatigable, and unprincipled intriguer in the United States, if not in the world. To cover the government's interest payments to the Bank, Hamilton imposes an excise tax on whiskey. Brute force is used to collect the taxes needed to pay the interest to the foreign shareholders of the Central Bank.

When men were men! It can borrow by selling bonds to investors, or to foreign governments. But when governments borrow from a privately owned Central Bank, the Bank is actually creating new money "out of thin air" and then lending it to the government at interest. The injection of new money into the economy has the effect of reducing the value of existing money inflation. The government must then tax its citizens to repay the loans Bonds to the Central Bank, plus interest. If the government were to simply create its own debt-free currency to cover its bills, there might still be an inflationary effect, but the government would not carry debt, and therefore not need to tax its people to pay principal and interest to the Central Bank.

The banks can then increase the number of loans to their customers by borrowing money themselves from the Central Bank again, created out of thin air. The local bank borrows at a lower rate from the Central Bank, and then re-loans the money to you at a higher rate. Consumer debt is thus maximized as constant inflation erodes the value of existing money. Consumers do not benefit from debt as they would believe because the new money pumped into the economy artificially drives up the price of whatever they are buying. In short, behind its academic cover, Central Banks are legalized counterfeiters and loan sharks.

When a Central Bank, owned by private shareholders, controls the money, every dollar of currency must be loaned into circulation at interest. Therefore, there will always be more total debt outstanding than there is money in circulation. Those who control this perpetual debt machine always become powerful enough to control the government. The revolution leads to the rise of the mad killer Robespierre, and the Jacobins. The Jacobin mobs single-out priests, nuns, and the wealthy for special brutality.

The Jacobins forerunners of the Communists are eventually displaced by more sensible elements of the revolution. Robespierre himself is executed. Though historians portray The Revolution as a "spontaneous uprising" of the oppressed, the funding of the movement, and the disciplined organization of the radicals, suggest otherwise. Was Rothschild money behind the revolt? Rothschild is German for "Red Shield".

Robespierre himself is then executed. Robespierre gets a taste of his own medicine as the Directory takes control. But the Red Jacobin Clubs are still in operation. Washington's prescient warnings come from his extensive knowledge of history. His wise and prophetic advice includes: ere of the formation of political parties. Constitution with amendments. Eventually, the Globalists will attack America and the world in each area that Washington warned about. Napoleon is by now a legend in the making, soon to be a political force in his own right — a force beyond Illuminati-Rothschild-NWO control.

Napoleon approaches the Egyptians not as a conqueror, but as a liberator who respects their religion and culture. This position earns him solid support in Egypt and the admiration of Muhammad Ali, who later succeeds in declaring Egypt's independence from the Ottoman Turks. An unusual aspect of the Egyptian military expedition is the inclusion of a large group of scientists and scholars. This deployment of intellectual resources is an indication of Napoleon's devotion to higher learning.

Much of what we know today about ancient Egypt is the result of this mission. The known Greek figures allowed the French to decipher the unknown Egyptian, and translate into modern languages. He worked with James Watt on the early steam car and he later invented the siren. The Illuminati had attempted to recruit him but he In he writes. His warning to Europe is stark: "An association has been formed for the express purposes of rooting out all the religious establishments and overturning all existing governments In , the Reverend G. Snyder sent Robison's book to George Washington for his thoughts on the subject.

On the contrary, no one is more truly satisfied of this fact than I am. The idea that I meant to convey, was, that I did not believe that the Lodges of Free Masons in this Country had, as Societies, endeavored to propagate the diabolical tenets of the first, or pernicious principles of the latter if they are susceptible of separation. That individual of them may have done it, or that the founder, or instrument employed to found, the Democratic Societies in the United States, may have had these objects; and actually had a separation of the People from their Government in view, is too evident to be questioned.

Each of the brothers will emerge as dominant financial players, and behind-the-scenes political players, in their respective new countries. The five sons and the five sub-dynasties they will operate are as follows: Anselm: Stays in Frankfurt to run the German operation. His power surpasses even that of the other existing Jewish family dynasties that own The Bank of England Montefiores, Goldsmids, Mocattas.

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The London Rothschilds are the beating heart of the centuries old movement to tear down European civilization and erect The New World Order in its place. With the help of allies in the French Senate, Napoleon stages a bloodless coup and is named First Consul. A plebiscite popular vote is held soon afterwards. Napoleon's ascension to First Consul is overwhelmingly approved by the French public. Move over Directory.

Napoleon Bonaparte is now the Boss!

European War 4 - Napoleon

They openly call for the death of Napoleon. One leftist agitator, named Metge, publishes a pamphlet comparing Napoleon to Roman ruler Julius Caesar, who was killed by daggers wielded by Brutus and others. Indeed, one of the Jacobin plots which is foiled is the "Conspiration des poignards" Conspiracy of the Daggers in October Informants are able to foil the assassination plot, but the Jacobins will again try to kill Napoleon. Napoleon and Josephine who faints both survive the massive blast, but innocent bystanders are killed, and dozens more injured or maimed.

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Napoleon uses public outrage over the bombing to annihilate the remnants of the violent and conspiratorial Red Jacobins. The mighty bomb that nearly killed Napoleon was known as "The Infernal Machine". Raised Catholic, Napoleon is himself is a Deist 14 belief in a Creative force who retains a special fondness for the moral principles and ceremonies of the Church. Napoleon is also impressed by Islam, and believes that people of all faiths should have freedom of conscience.

While the Concordat restores ties to the Papacy, the balance of church-state relations tilts in Napoleon's favor. In retrospect, it appears to have been a British ploy more than a sincere desire to make peace with France. The Peace Treaty of Amiens. Was it just a British trick to buy time? Britain does not evacuate Malta as promised. Instead, the British protest against Bonaparte's annexation of Piedmont and his Act of Mediation, which establishes a new Swiss Confederation, though neither of these territories are covered by the treaty.

These phony pretexts for starting a new war against Napoleon culminate in a declaration of war by Britain, and the reassembly of another coalition against France. Having failed to kill Napoleon from within France itself, the NWO Mafia and the Royal Families of Europe will continue to wage a series of on and off "coalition wars" on post-revolutionary France. The ensuing wars that follow are known as the Napoleonic Wars, although Napoleon didn't start these wars with Britain and friends.

The Napoleonic Wars were a series of wars declared against Napoleon's French Empire by opposing coalitions, led by Britain and funded by Rothschild. Napoleon once wrote: "When a government is dependent upon bankers for money, they and not the leaders of the government control the situation, since the hand that gives is above the hand that takes.

Money has no motherland; financiers are without patriotism and without decency; their sole object is gain. President Jefferson jumps at the offer. Napoleon did borrow money, but he also utilized other means for finance. Hamilton had many enemies. He finally messed with the wrong guy. His set of civil laws, the Code Civil—now known as the Napoleonic Code—is prepared by committees of legal experts. Napoleon participates actively in the sessions of the Council of State that revises the drafts.

The Code forbids privileges based on birth, allows freedom of religion, and specifies that government jobs must go to the most qualified. Other codes are commissioned by Napoleon to codify criminal and commerce law. A Code of Criminal Instruction is also published, which enacts rules of due process. The Code will be accepted throughout much of Europe and remain in force even after Napoleon's eventual defeat.

It is a revolutionary idea that spurs the development of the middle class by extending the right to own property. Napoleon also reorganizes what had been the Holy Roman Empire, made up of more than a thousand entities, into a streamlined state Confederation of the Rhine.

This confederation will provide the basis for the German Confederation and the unification of Germany in The Napoleonic Code sought to eliminate undeserved privileges and establish true justice. The after-effect of the 13 year conflict will ruin Haiti, which remains an unhappy land to this day. The Revolution begins as a slave uprising but eventually degenerates into a genocidal race war targeting French settlers in Haiti — including many who are opposed to slavery and friendly toward the Blacks.

Even after slavery had been abolished, radical elements of the Haitian Revolution continue to incite racial hatred toward the innocent Whites who were far outnumbered by the Blacks and Mulattos. Napoleon had previously sent troops to retake Haiti, but as many as 40, died of Yellow Fever.

Now, pre-occupied with European Wars, there is little he can do to save the Whites of Haiti. In , Dessalines orders the genocidal massacre of the remaining White population of Haiti. The weapons used are silent ones; such as knives and bayonets rather than gunfire. This is so that the killing can be done more quietly, thus giving no loud gunfire warning to other intended victims.

Killings take place on the streets. Plundering and rape also occur. White children are beaten and stabbed to death; and white women are raped and pushed into forced marriages under threat of death. To flush out Whites who went into hiding, the monster Dessalines proclaims an amnesty for all Whites. When the terrified Whites resurface, they too are murdered. One of the most diabolical of the massacre participants is Jean Zombi, One account describes how Zombi stops a White man on the street, strips him naked, and takes him to the stairs of the Presidential Palace where he kills him with a dagger as Dessalines watches.

The massacre results in the deaths of between 4, to 5, people of all ages and genders. Because of the Yellow Fever outbreak which had devastated his Caribbean forces, Napoleon is unable to save the French of Haiti. The story that Napoleon seized the crown out of the hands of the Pope during the ceremony, to avoid subjugating to the Pope's authority, is not accurate, as the coronation procedure had been agreed upon in advance. This ends the Third Coalition War against him.

Austria has to concede territory. The subsequent Peace of Pressburg leads to the dissolution of the Holy Roman Empire and creation of the Confederation of the Rhine with Napoleon named as its Protector. Napoleon later states, "The battle of Austerlitz is the finest of all I have fought. Napoleon's forces, though victorious, are weary from fighting and unable to pursue the Russian armies further. The Russian ruler accepts France's continental position, and vows support of Napoleon.

For his part, Napoleon believes Alexander has extended him a hand of friendship. As a result, he has won the respect of many of them. But he has his motives. Historian Rabbi Berel Wein reveals that Napoleon was primarily interested in seeing the Jews assimilated, rather than prosper as an alien community: "Napoleon's outward tolerance and fairness toward Jews was actually based upon his grand plan to have them disappear entirely by means of total assimilation, intermarriage, and conversion. It is necessary to stop the harm by preventing it; to prevent it, it is necessary to change the Jews.

Once part of their youth will take its place in our armies, they will cease to have Jewish interests and sentiments; their interests and sentiments will be French. Far from that, I have avoided doing anything which could show any esteem for the most despicable of mankind. In , he goes a step further and issues a decree that the money lenders refer to as "The Infamous Decree. Napoleon wants the Jews to move away from their traditional money lending practices and become farmers and craftsmen instead.

His decree severely restricts the practice of lending, and annuls all debts owed by married women, minors, and soldiers. Any loan that had an interest rate exceeding 10 percent is also annulled. Napoleon's religious tolerance is admired by many of the Jews. But his efforts to regulate usury upset the Jewish money-lenders and seal his fate. That is why, to this day, they refer to Napoleon's decree as "The Infamous Decree.

While the French win battle after battle, their communications and supply lines are severely tested. French units are isolated, harassed, and slowly bled to death by guerilla fighters. The Spanish armies are repeatedly beaten, but time and again they regroup and hound the French. This drain on French resources leads Napoleon to call the conflict, "the Spanish Ulcer". Meanwhile, back in the fledgling U. President James Madison had opposed the Bank in , and has no desire to renew the charter.

The The vote to renew the charter is close, but the anti-Bank faction prevails. The New York-London Bank is allowed to die. Britain is already at war with Napoleon and is blockading France. Under the blockade, US ships are being harassed and sailors taken prisoner. Author of the U. Constitution and 4th U. By , however, tensions increase as Alexander comes under intense pressure from political forces within the Russian nobility to break off the alliance with France.

Fearing another two-front war, Napoleon threatens serious consequences if Russia forms an alliance with Britain. By , advisers intriguers to Alexander suggest an invasion of the French Empire and recapture of Poland now an ally of France. On receipt of intelligence reports on Russia's war preparations, Napoleon prepares for a preemptive offensive campaign against Russia.

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The invasion begins on June 23, He is on his way to a meeting whose purpose is to discuss how to diffuse the rising tensions with the United States — an important goal for Preceval. Perceval is killed. Bellingham is tried and hanged just one week later. In , Bellingham had been a midshipman on a vessel that was taken over by mutineers and sunk. In , he briefly worked in Russia, where he was imprisoned for sabotaging a Russian ship, also lost at sea.

These incidents suggest that Bellingham is a political radical, and not just a "crazed lone gunman". The odd manner in which Bellingham is so quickly executed, the lack of investigation into a possible broader conspiracy, his link to a mutiny, his arrest in Russia, and the looming Bank War with the U.

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Had Perceval lived, the British wartime policy of European trade restrictions and harassing of American vessels would have been lifted, and peace maintained. War commences just 5 weeks after the assassination. After the war ends in , the Federalists will be perceived as unpatriotic and their political party collapses.

But by that time, the gesture is meaningless as the war is already started.

Whether Liverpool was being sincere, or whether he was just trying to shift the blame for war onto the United States, is unclear. What is known is that the House of Rothschild financed both sides of the war! More on Jackson, later on. A brief attempt at resistance is made at Smolensk in August, but the Russians are defeated in a series of battles. Napoleon resumes his advance. Owing to the Russian army's scorched earth tactics, the French find it hard to forage food for themselves and their horses. The Russians eventually offer battle outside Moscow.

Tribute to Napoleon's Marshals and Commanders of France

The Battle of Borodino results in about 44, Russian and 35, French dead, wounded or captured. Although the French win, the Russian army has withstood the major battle Napoleon had hoped would be decisive. Napoleon's own account: "The most terrible of all my battles was the one before Moscow. The French showed themselves to be worthy of victory, but the Russians showed themselves worthy of being invincible.

On the long march home, typhus wipes out most of his men. Contrary to popular belief, it was neither the Russian Army nor, nor hunger, nor the cold that wiped out most of his returning Grand Armee. It was the lice- spread disease of typhus. Shipments of gold to the European continent fund the Duke of Wellington's armies and also those of Britain's allies, Prussia and Austria. The Rothschild brothers co-ordinate their activities across the continent, and develop a network of agents, shippers, and couriers to transport gold across war-torn Europe. Were it not for Rothschild's limitless fortune, the Allies would surely have had to make peace with Napoleon by now.

Karloff is deliberately made-up to resemble the monster. Napoleon is then able to field , troops. Napoleon assumes command in Germany and inflicts a series of defeats on the Coalition, culminating in the Battle of Dresden in August Despite these stunning successes against multiple armies, the losses continue to mount against Napoleon. The French army is eventually pinned down by a force twice its size and at the Battle of Leipzig. This is by far the largest battle of the Napoleonic Wars and cost more than 90, casualties in total.

The French are surrounded as British forces press from the south, and other Coalition forces position to attack from the German states. Paris is captured by the Coalition in March On April 2, , the French Senate declares Napoleon deposed. When Napoleon learns that Paris has surrendered, he proposes that the army march on the capital. His Marshals then mutiny. They confront Napoleon and force him to announce his unconditional abdication only two days later.

But you have to step down. Napoleon is exiled to the island of Elba off the Italian coast, where he is given authority over the island's 12, inhabitants. While in exile, Napoleon plans his next move. Less than two days after sacking Washington, the British are forced to leave when a violent hurricane tears through DC. The freak storm extinguishes fires, kills British troops, and damages many of their ships. President Madison and the rest of the The Redcoats burn the White House before a storm chases them away. Later that same year, Britain and the US will make peace.

Separated from his wife and sons, and aware of rumors that he might be shipped to a remote island in the middle of the Atlantic, Napoleon stuns Europe by escaping from Elba with a handful of supporters and soldiers, in February of Soon after landing on the French mainland, a regiment of French soldiers, under orders to arrest him, confronts their former Emperor.

Napoleon approaches the regiment alone, dismounts his horse and shouts: "Here I am. Kill your Emperor, if you wish. Napoleon quickly raises another army. He will once again confront the Rothschild-funded British and Prussians at the decisive Battle of Waterloo in Belgium. He's back! Defying orders to arrest Napoleon, the troops join him instead.

Napoleon is forced to preemptively attack France's enemies before they can unleash a massive, coordinated invasion of France, along with other members of this latest Allied coalition. The French army nearly wins the great battle. It is only the late arrival of Prussian reinforcements that suddenly tilts the battle against the French. The defeat at Waterloo marks the end of Napoleon's Hundred Days return from exile and ends his rule as Emperor once and for all.

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The very word "Waterloo" has since been synonymous with one's final defeat. Napoleon's strategy to divide the British and Prussian armies, and then destroy them separately, almost worked. The network provides Nathan Rothschild with political and financial information ahead of his peers, giving him an advantage in the financial markets. After the final defeat of Napoleon at Waterloo, Rothschild receives word of the battle's outcome long before anyone else.

He orders his brokers to sell off his holdings. Other brokers assume that Rothschild has therefore learned that Britain has lost at Waterloo.

Napoleon and His Marshals V1 Napoleon and His Marshals V1
Napoleon and His Marshals V1 Napoleon and His Marshals V1
Napoleon and His Marshals V1 Napoleon and His Marshals V1
Napoleon and His Marshals V1 Napoleon and His Marshals V1
Napoleon and His Marshals V1 Napoleon and His Marshals V1

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