Neckties, Bow Ties, Pocket Squares: A Practical Guide To Upgrading Your Look!

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Prom suits and beyond: Ultimate men’s prom guide

Ask the Team. Our team of design professionals is happy to answer pressing fashion questions or help put together a successful business wardrobe that works for you Select past questions Which dress shirt collar? Which tie knot? Specialty sizes? Wrinkle Free? Coordinating Rules? Spread collars? Straight collars? Buttondown Shirts?

Seasonal Trends? Dress Shirt Fabrics? Why Buy Wool Apparel? Most shirts have barrel cuffs with buttons that shut, but there are modified barrel-cuff dress shirts equipped with buttonholes that can be used with cufflinks. French cuffs are rolled back and held in place by cufflinks. When you are getting married or going to a highly formal event, formal French cuffs will upgrade your look. Adding a pair of stunning cufflinks will emphasize finesse in your overall appearance. When wearing a vest, choose a low-cut vest also known as a waistcoat to attend black-tie events. Low-cut vests are seen as more formal and have a much lower cut at the front than a typical suit vest in order to display your tuxedo shirt.

Make sure you button up all the buttons on the vest. Cummerbunds are generally considered as the customary waist coverings for black-tie attire in the 20th century. If you are wearing a tuxedo, chances are you will likely expose your shirt from time to time.

When choosing to wear a cummerbund, there are a few tuxedo style rules you need to follow. Then, you can inspect the pleats to make sure they are facing up because they should be facing up.

Finally, you should match the color of your cummerbund to the color of your tuxedo jacket and bow tie. If you want to look more modern and relaxed in your tuxedo, ditch the vest and cummerbund altogether. Going bare is becoming increasingly popular and acceptable whether you are wearing a tux or a suit. You can also wear braces with this look for extra support, or you can opt for no suspenders if your pants fit nicely on their own and they are not in danger of falling down on the dance floor.

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The defining character of the tuxedo pants is the presence of the satin stripes that run vertically on the outer side of each pant. The stripe is often associated with military gala uniforms. The waistband covers the pant seams for a continuous appearance, which will give you a taller look. In most cases, your tuxedo pants are going to be black, even if you go with a dinner jacket in bright, loud arrest-me red for more informal gatherings.

The rule of thumb to keep in mind is that if your tuxedo pants are not black, your dinner jacket should be the same color. If your pants are black, your jacket should be as well unless the dress code is less rigid than those encompassed in the black-tie realm. In short, a red jacket can work with black pants, but not the other way around. When it comes to the appropriate shoes to match your tuxedo, less is usually more. But even if you keep it simple, there are guidelines to follow in choosing the right pair of shoes. Patent leather shoes are the perfect go-to shoes to match any tuxedo style.

It has a shine that matches the satin fabric on the tuxedo lapel and sides of the pants. While quite simple in its design, the sophistication and sharpness patent leather projects is unmatched by anything else out there. Cap-toe shoes are an ideal pair to project that sleek look. Matte leather combined with a patent leather accent on this pair creates a subtle variety to your style while keeping the focus of your tux toward your face. The loafer shoes will upgrade your tuxedo look to a whole new level of stylish. People will usually notice a pair of velvet slip-ons or grosgrain loafers.

This is great for the groom in custom tuxedos for weddings to rock this pair during his wedding day. Wearing men's custom tuxedos should be fun.

Black Tie Bow Tie Rules - Understand How To Bend and Break Style Rules - Male Fashion Tips

While men's custom suits and tuxedos are the epitome of style and sophistication, the choice of your tuxedo accessories will show your personal fashion sense to the world. Cufflinks let your personality shine through in a formal outfit. If you want to show your serious side, metallic style is the way to go. For a minimalist style, silk knots will go together with the tux. Button studs allow your tuxedo to feel more formal than ever.

They are designed for dress shirts and fashioned to fit into the buttonholes of the shirt placket. It is best to always match your button studs with your cufflinks; match gold with gold, silver with silver, onyx with onyx, platinum with platinum, and so on. A man sporting a pocket square is a man of confidence. Nothing speaks style more than a properly fashioned pocket square. It shows off your personality and perhaps a small snippet of your artistic side. Plain white can make everything look good. Reserve colored pocket squares for festive, less formal dress codes.

Fabric should be limited to linen, cotton, silk, or wool, but never polyester or other synthetics. The traditional tuxedo has no belt loops on them. If they have belt loops, they are not tuxedo pants. If you need assistance in keeping your tuxedo pants in place during your time out on the dance floor, your only option is to wear traditional button suspenders.

Avoid the clip-on suspenders, as they tend to degrade the overall look of the sophisticated tuxedo. The key to successfully wearing a bow tie is confidence, but it takes some serious know-how in pulling off a necktie with a tux. Either way, never attempt to use pre-tied neckwear, as it will downgrade your overall look. Normally, wearing a tuxedo demands a bow tie, and there are no exceptions to this rule especially during a strictly formal black-tie event. But modern styles are emerging when it comes to tuxedos, and matching it with a necktie is more common than it was before.

Just make sure to never wear a necktie with a wing-tipped collar. Choosing a bow tie is simple. Choose silk; go with knit silk, silk twill, or silk satin, but make sure it is always silk. It can add texture to your appearance in subtle yet noticeable ways. If you decide to dress down your tuxedo with a necktie, silk is still the best choice.

How to Wear A Tuxedo | Tips on Tuxedos for Men at JoS. A. Bank

Many men at various stages of adulthood opt to rent a tuxedo under the assumption that they will save money by doing so. However, renting really only makes sense if your body is still growing. When you decide to purchase a custom suit tailored to your particular body measurements, you are investing in something that will last many years with proper care.

And if your body does happen to change a little bit over time, a custom tuxedo can still be tailored to take away or make extra room. At Enzo Custom, we make sure that our tuxedos, suits, jackets, shirts, and other products reflect a high standard of excellence that we have always done our best to maintain. When you order a custom suit or tuxedo from us, you won't ever have to worry about poorly stitched fabric or a frumpy fit like you would with a standard rental. By purchasing a tuxedo, you will also save money in the long run; while it may seem like a rental is the more cost-effective option, extra rental days for travel delays, cleaning fees, and multiple black-tie events in a single year can add up and take one's bank account by surprise.

Our expert clothiers can help you avoid all these problems by getting you into a tuxedo that is perfectly contoured to your measurements and always made with quality and consistency. Stop into one of our showrooms or visit our site today to get the full Enzo Custom experience. You won't regret it. Close search. Shop expand. Tuxedo Vs. Tuxedo Jacket Styles The tuxedo jacket will define the tone of your entire ensemble.

A Complete & Comprehensive Guide In Tuxedo Styles For 12222

Tuxedo Colors When you hear the word tuxedo , you probably think that it is just an ensemble of only black and white formal men's apparel that you wear to weddings or official events. When to wear: black-tie optional, formal events, and creative black-tie dress codes. For bespoke enquiries please contact us on bespoke rampleyandco.

To see our full range of pocket squares please click on the following link: Pocket Square Store. Our handmade ties can be found here: Handmade Ties. Unsure of how to style yours? Are you thinking what shirt and tie to wear with a black suit? We also post daily images of some of our favourite jacket shots of all colours and patterns on Instagram, which you can use for inspiration here: www. Spoiled by too-often seen over-long trousers, ill-fitting jackets and mismatched colour combinations, the impact a sleek black suit can create has often been overlooked.

Not only does it never date, the black suit can be styled and mixed and matched to suit almost any occasion. Black-tie dress code? Slip a white shirt and bow tie on with a smart three-piece. Monday-morning meeting? A black jacket and light-blue shirt looks polished and professional. Complexion After cut, an important thing to consider when piecing together your black suit is how it works alongside your colouring and complexion. As a general rule, those with pale skin and fair hair would do well to opt for a shirt that eases the contrast between light and dark — grey, light blue or warmer pastel shades work nicely.

Those with darker skin tones have much more flexibility and can play around with myriad colour combinations, from muted to bold. Take heed of our advice to showcase your sartorial nous:. A black suit, blue shirt hints at dressiness without the formality of, say, a white shirt, and this ensemble makes light work of smartening up in a contemporary way. Alternatively, the black-suit-light-blue-shirt combination remains one not to be sniffed at. Perfect for the office, it looks entirely appropriate for meeting clients, and works for after-work drinks too.

Image Source: Raymondnext. The Black Suit and Grey or Silver Shirt A beautiful colour combination that works for any skin tone, a black suit and silver or grey shirt is a sartorial go-to.

The Black Suit and Pink Shirt Softening against black, a pink shirt is surprisingly flattering and easier to pull off than you think. In the same ballpark as a light-blue Oxford button down, the look is smart but not stuffy, making it a safe bet for work or with jeans for smart-casual dress codes.

Alternatively, a light or pastel-pink shirt makes a dapper alternative to white when your RSVP calls for something a little smarter. Image Source: Dailymail. Step it up even further with the tuxedo. The All Black Suit and Black Shirt You can sometimes have too much of a good thing, and in our opinion, the black suit and black shirt often paired with a black tie is a bridge too far. All though quite a common look, the lack of contrast means that the overall shape and cut of the jacket, shirt, waistcoat and even the tie are lost in the darkness and leaves the wearer looking flat.

Style is a personal choice, and you won't be undertaking any fashion faux pas with this look, but with so many amazing combinations out there, whether you lean towards subtle or flamboyant, we'd say this is one to avoid. Inject a little personality into your look with a print or motif that complements your black suit. The Black Suit and Non-formal Shirt A contemporary update for the gent who likes to stand out from the crowd, swapping a shirt for a high-quality cotton tee or knitwear can really highlight your standing as a man of impeccable taste and sartorial know how.

Perfect for low-key occasions and winter layering, try a grey cashmere roll neck or a printed t-shirt. Just remember the golden rule: keep the neckline high and the cut form fitting. Image Source: Thefashionisto. Ties The most obvious choice is the black suit and black tie combination. For a pop of colour, the black suit, red tie look does provide a sharp finish for a more formal occasion such as a wedding and is something a little different than the classic navy suit and red tie that you'll see in cities across the world.

To avoid looking dated, forego shiny fabrics in favour of matt tones and subtle texture. Just make sure the tie is in proportion to the lapels and fit of your suit. Giving a hint of your style leanings, these accoutrements allow you a little more creative freedom than your tie or shirt.

But whatever you do, remember your look should work together as a whole, and the golden rule is to keep in mind is that your tie should never directly match your pocket square. The colours in your tie should be sympathetic to those on your pocket square. So either you can take a secondary colour from your tie and have that in your pocket square such as in the image below where the yellow stripes in the blue tie work well with the yellow primary colours of our Lion Hunt pocket square which can be seen here: Lion Hunt Pocket Square.

Shoes The easiest rule of them all: a black suit should always be paired with a pair of polished black shoes. For a slightly less formal look go for a pair of Derby black shoes, but for formal events go for a pair of whole cut Oxfords. Image Source: Soletopia. Watch, Cufflinks and Tie Bar Whichever watch, cufflink and tie bar you opt for, remember to keep the metal on each the same. Nothing ruins an outfit quicker than mismatched metal. The devil is in the detail after all. In summary, the right black suit combination is a classic look that can be worn a number of ways to either dress it up or down depending on the occasion.

Below is a recap of the main points we've covered. And so it is with the lining of a suit jacket. In this post, we will cover the essential concealed element of a magnificent suit jacket, the jacket lining, including:. Return your book of Byron to the shelf. The reasons that lining enhances a jacket are absolutely perceptible and surpassingly practical. We simply need to take a second glance and a seconds thought to appreciate how we can profit from a well-lined suit jacket.

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First, the practical benefits. It is a widely held misconception that this thin layer of material is only used for aesthetic purposes. However, a tailor will look at a jacket lining as a fabric utilised to support the garment. It has only been in more recent times that the lining has added a decorative element to the jacket, and this is indeed a delightful thing, furnishing a jacket with meaning, personality and elan; each of these would more than justify the desire to line a suit jacket. But we detour to design before this digression is scheduled, so back we go to those practicalities.

What are they? You might notice that the very best looking suit jackets have a certain gravitas, weight and shape that anchors the entire look of a suit. It may seem counter-intuitive, in fact, much of tailoring initially does, but the addition of the extra weight allows the garment to better sit along the contours of the body. And that, in the end, is what we want from a suit, is it not? It is also worth noting that a lined jacket is much harder to crease, meaning the slight fear of leaving the house in pristine elegance but arriving crinkled and crimped, a fear that quietly haunts all regular suit wearers, is buried.

Feel at liberty, then, to strut carelessly Well, a little cautiously perhaps. But only a little. A good suit is, of course, something of an investment. Many of us, on purchasing a new suit, hope for style in longevity. And here again, the lining is our invisible hero, helping to not only shape the garment but also adding a strength that will elongate the life of the jacket. Lastly, those who believe a fine garment should absolutely and without compromise conceal the unsightly, rejoice - interlinings, stitching and raw edges are all deftly hidden by a fully lined jacket.

A properly constructed jacket, to sit perfectly on the body, is quite a complex construction and a lining allows the remaining evidence of that complexity to be neatly hidden. Do not be tempted to dismiss the idea of the half-lined jacket off-hand, believing it to be some compromise or half-measure, a money-saving option or a way to test the water. The half-lined jacket may very well be the option that a currently unlined jacket requires. Yet merely three weeks ago, I was contentedly skipping about the place in degree heat, with thoughts of chilly autumn evenings hidden a million miles behind the monumental sun.

The thought of treading through the streets in my thicker, fully lined-jackets back then is enough to bring forth an unseasonal sweat. Perhaps I ought to intermittently conjure these thoughts as a way of cutting already mounting heating bills … but, anyway, I, of course, did not, back in those sunny and blissful days, traipse around in anything other than a half-lined jacket. Image Source: Realmenrealstyle. In the warmer months, a half jacket means less sweat, and with that, no hideous and unsightly reservoirs of sweat will puddle our shirts.

No heat is trapped, and we stay cooler and drier since the inside of our jacket is not fully enclosed. Which, as a quick glance inside your wardrobe would surely confirm, will be most days, even those that entice the mercury into the upper echelons. Most tailors, clothiers and designers much prefer to sell us a fully lined jacket, as a matter of aesthetics. But the issue of ventilation during spring and summer means that, especially since the back is constantly pressed against the jacket, you ought to at least own a half-lined jacket or two.

And if tweed is a cloth that speaks to your own particular style, then nothing less than a half-lining should be considered if you plan to wear such a jacket season to season. The choice of materials is straightforward enough, with silk traditionally being favoured where possible, however, there are a number of different options, generally determined by the price point of the finished garment.

The high-street increasingly manufactures off-the-shelf lined jackets using acetate. Unsurprising, since it's simple enough and cheap enough to mass produce. It can tear with little resistance and can fade with regular use. Bemberg Linings Bemberg, however, is dependable and perhaps the most well known of all contemporary mid-high price lined jacket. Polyester Linings On to polyester.

A couple of springs ago, I made the imbecilic error of hurriedly borrowing a suit jacket from a friend that looked refined from distance thinking back, perhaps that distance was something like several thousand miles but on closer inspection merely five hundred miles away transpired to be cheaply and badly made.

It was a wool suit jacket with a polyester lining. Yet I sweated like it was a hundred and fifty. It was like wearing a radiator. Even when removed, it slumped in a chair collapsed and perspiring, like a marathon runner. That tailors and designers opt to do so, that have much better options available for not a lot of extra cost, will forever baffle many of us, me included. Silk Linings Finally, to silk. The gold standard for jacket linings, that offer both the performance, along with, as importantly, the romance of a fabric that has been used and admired in jacketing for hundreds of years.

If one was fortunate enough to be buying a Ferrari, it is unlikely that you would choose to replace the engine with that of a Fiat Punto We would argue, that silk should be your first, only and last choice when it comes to your jacket lining. In fact, there are some who would, were money to be no option, still plump for Bemberg. However, silk offers comfort and practicality, of course.

And it carries a romantic or personalised customisation like no other fabric. It itself is loaded with history and romance and notions of luxury and class. Essentially the face-off is between the prosaic nature of cotton versus the history, poetry and romance of silk. And it makes good sense, since most linings are, to be frank, a little too sensible.

They are block colours. They are paisley, occasionally striped. However, since we are, by choosing our lining, customising the jacket, why not truly make it your own? Why not individualise the jacket to represent your personality and particular style? Why not, in fact, have your lining illustrate something that stirs the soul, speaks of a time, a place, a feeling? There is no need to opt for a block colour - so why do it when we have the chance to create for ourselves something more? If we are going to individualise and customise in such a fashion, elevating the garment into something that may be cherished through the decades, surely there can be no other material to use than silk.

A little history and a word on contemporary customisation. Since Madeleine Vionett matched her outer fabrics with the inner lining for Chanel in the s, the idea of stylised and personalised lining nagged at designers who began to think more carefully about seldom seen detail, not least in the form of the lining.

Eventually, this led to fashion houses like Yves Saint Laurent offering customisation. But by the s customisation was spared only for the odd college sports jacket in the US, or very special and very expensive suit or evening dress. In the latest collections from Louis Vuitton, we now have the option to customise garments with our initials.

Other high-end designers, notably Gucci, have also introduced this service, from jackets to luggage to holiday wear and accessories. Sportswear companies have been doing very nicely from this service for a good decade. And it makes sense. If we can have a bigger say in how our garments look, let's. True to our company values, we want to create, or play a part in creating, products that truly speak to their owner.

We will also be offering repeat patterns that will be sold by the metre. Our silk linings range for jacketing will be launched later this month. For any questions email us on bespoke rampleyandco. Generally, tailors will prefer to work with two panels for a painting so that the key elements of the painting can be lined up down the back seam. The lining below is taken from the painting The Last of the Buffalo by Albert Bierstadt, painted in This jacket has been created by Scabal of Savile Row.

In the below images, Gownsmith of London have produced a beautiful overcoat, using our Destruction of Pompeii and Herculaneum silk lining. In addition to the silk panels available on our website, we also now offer a bespoke service. This means we can create an image or painting entirely of your choosing to graciously line your jacket.

When To Wear A Patterned & Colored Tuxedo

Utilising silk as a canvas ensures we can create linings with exceptional detail, allowing you as the consumer to create truly one of a kind products. In the video below we've spoken to renowned New York tailor Leonard Logsdail about bespoke jacket linings. Below are some images of a bespoke jacket created for a private client that wanted The Birth of Venus by Sandro Botticelli as a lining.

As you can imagine, we're absolutely delighted at how beautiful the end result is. In conclusion, a jacket lining plays a much larger part than meets the eye. Although there are quite a few options we clearly love the romanticism of silk, and by using a customised lining, you can create something truly unique and meaningful.

To understand how deep a life a history springs, we look to how it impacts the present. And so, if we wish to understand the impression made by Prince of Wales check, we need only to glance idly through the racks of a contemporary fashion emporium to measure the dent. And there it is again, cleverly utilised on that Balenciaga ankle boot. On the tie rack we note that Tom Ford has created a delightful little range of ties that transfer the traditional grey to blue … and look how wonderfully Calvin Klein has worked it into a cosy and winter-ready blazer….

Unbuttoned Prada jackets flail along the runway looking like the model may have raided both her elderly grandfathers and her cherubic cousins wardrobes - wisely and with undeniable chic. Prince of Wales check is the immortal cloth. It maintains and endures. It has done so since the pattern we know today was devised by can you guess? It had been altered. Lots of people now cared. So much so that popular history has decided to associate the pattern with grandson, not grandfather.

I know. An authentic Glen Urquhart was black or grey. Ed 7, in an act of remarkable dash and daring, changed this to … brown and cream. Eventually, and obviously feeling emboldened by what must have been the first puck rock move in fashion history, he refined the squares into the more petite sizing we see mostly on the cloth today.

Which brings us neatly back to today. The exemplar of effortless cool himself, Steve McQueen, in what has been referred to as the most stylish film ever made, wears a Prince of Wales check suit with such an easy style it would be perfectly acceptable to feel insulted. James Bond has found himself pursuing villains across the globe fully decked out in it. In no less than three guises. Roger Moore looked splendid with his flash-of-red blazer as seen at the top of this post.

He also went to the impressively committed lengths of matching his actual eyeballs with his tie. Image Source: Therake. Of course Grant could look iconic in a pair of Reebok Classics and an apron, but look, would you, at the photograph below. How many of us have in the past, or will in the future, have hoped that our suits allow us to project that same full-beam urbane magnificence? You want a whisky with Grant in that suit. You want him to regale to you his best anecdote down to the last nanoscopic detail.

Can there be another cloth that ensures season-on-season fashionability, be it tailored, high-end, high street or fit for the hunting ground like Prince of Wales check? Is there another cloth so relentlessly beloved of the highest fashion houses, who perpetually re-jig and realign those chequered charms?

Anyone can look good in a suit.

Calvin Klein Purple Stripe Bow Tie & Pocket Square Set

But not just anyone can look amazing in a suit. In this guide, we cover how to choose the accessories where you can exhibit an effortless polish and take your suiting up a sartorial notch. In this guide, we cover the following men's suit accessories:. We also post daily images of some of our favourite jacket and accessory shots on Instagram, which can be used as a source of inspiration here: www.

We all want to be the latter. Why do we need watches in the age of the smartphone? Since it is no longer functional, it has become purely a statement piece. In the modern life, these feature pretty low in terms of real practicality. This leaves the real benefit of owing a timepiece a the possession of true, weighty craftsmanship. A watch is a reflection of the owner's personality and there are no hard and fast rules, however, our advice when wearing with a suit are below. The below examples are about as complex as you'd really want to go. Image Source: Jomashop.

Avoid Bulky Watches Don't go over the top with big bulky faces. Unless you have especially thick wrists avoid 44mm diameter faces with a deep case. A suit is about clean lines and this type of watch most definitely breaks the clean lines.

Neckties, Bow Ties, Pocket Squares: A Practical Guide To Upgrading Your Look! Neckties, Bow Ties, Pocket Squares: A Practical Guide To Upgrading Your Look!
Neckties, Bow Ties, Pocket Squares: A Practical Guide To Upgrading Your Look! Neckties, Bow Ties, Pocket Squares: A Practical Guide To Upgrading Your Look!
Neckties, Bow Ties, Pocket Squares: A Practical Guide To Upgrading Your Look! Neckties, Bow Ties, Pocket Squares: A Practical Guide To Upgrading Your Look!
Neckties, Bow Ties, Pocket Squares: A Practical Guide To Upgrading Your Look! Neckties, Bow Ties, Pocket Squares: A Practical Guide To Upgrading Your Look!
Neckties, Bow Ties, Pocket Squares: A Practical Guide To Upgrading Your Look! Neckties, Bow Ties, Pocket Squares: A Practical Guide To Upgrading Your Look!
Neckties, Bow Ties, Pocket Squares: A Practical Guide To Upgrading Your Look! Neckties, Bow Ties, Pocket Squares: A Practical Guide To Upgrading Your Look!
Neckties, Bow Ties, Pocket Squares: A Practical Guide To Upgrading Your Look! Neckties, Bow Ties, Pocket Squares: A Practical Guide To Upgrading Your Look!

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