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How Does Marijuana Work for Weight Loss?

The Marijuana Diet: Why Smoking Weed Can Help To Lose Weight

The two companies recently joined forces to create the ultimate in stoner cuisine, the Doritos Taco Loco , whose hard shell is like one big Doritos chip. Addressing this potential problem with a pot diet, Glass wrote, " Despite the munchies myth, there are recent scientific studies that link marijuana and weight loss. Yes, marijuana smokers do eat more — but they ultimately end up having thinner waistlines and lower blood sugar.

A study undertaken by researchers from the University of Nebraska, Harvard, and Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center found a significant association between marijuana use and smaller waist circumference. Insulin is one of the major hormones responsible for regulating the body's metabolism of fat and carbohydrates, meaning pot smokers are likely less prone to developing Type II Diabetes. Glass' book features "simple fun 'sofa exercises' that will tighten your body in as little as four minutes a day.

Glass acknowledges that issues of legality will block the full adoption of his diet so he also advocates for full legalization.

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As the press release states:. This includes taxes on marijuana and government, police, and prison enforcement savings. In addition, the agricultural, manufacturing, and retail industries will all greatly benefit by the sales of hemp and hemp products. He gradually came to Faber here. This must be the same as the Marijuana Diet face of another person perhaps it was his brother.

WEED & WEIGHT LOSS: Is it possible?!

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Is There a 'Marijuana' Diet in Your Future? - Diet and Nutrition Center - Everyday Health

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Less is more! Stoned or mellow.. Can a DNA test predict your reaction to weed? Monthly Deals. Latest Video Popular. About Weed 2 months ago.

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The Marijuana Diet The Marijuana Diet
The Marijuana Diet The Marijuana Diet
The Marijuana Diet The Marijuana Diet
The Marijuana Diet The Marijuana Diet
The Marijuana Diet The Marijuana Diet
The Marijuana Diet The Marijuana Diet
The Marijuana Diet The Marijuana Diet

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